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Wire and cable extrusion head

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Pneumatic molding refers to the method by using compressed air or vacuum molding bottles, barrels, cans, boxes and other plastic injection processing parts, can also be called pressure molding, mainly includes the hollow blow molding, vacuum forming and molding of compressed air. Adopt pneumatic molding in forming, can use a relatively simple molding equipment, can obtain the large size of plastic parts, its low production cost, high production efficiency, is a kind of economical secondary molding method.

coating a layer of plastic insulation layer, or layer of metal core, has been widely used in our daily life. In one or more shares outside cover the bread a layer of plastic metal conductor which ACTS as an insulating layer, the resulting product is wire. Each other in a bunch of insulated wire or irregular conductor coated a layer of plastic insulation, the resulting product is the cable. Wire and cable in extrusion machine extrusion molding.

as a result of the extrusion plastic pipe concentric with the guide rod, so after plastic pipe extrusion die mould, will be coated on the conductor. Metal conductor will continuously through the guide rod, and thus coated production would be continuous. The thickness of the cladding layer freely mould size, mandrel head size, the factors of extrusion speed, wire speed change and change. Mouth mould shape the length should be less than the mouth mould outlet diameter size of 1/2, otherwise the screw back pressure is too large, will reduce production, cable surface flow mark also occur and affect the quality of the product.

covering the nose to produce wire extrusion type, the head is right Angle, also known as the head. Plastic melt through the extruder transition plate into the head and body, to 90 ℃, the flow along the wire guide rod, converging into a closed ring, through the mouth mould coating on the metal conductor. Because the conductor through the conductor guide rod continuous movement, make the wire coating can produce continuous, get the continuous wire products. The head of the simple structure, convenient adjustment, has been widely applied in the production of wire. But the disadvantage of the nose structure is the core and plastic coated layer of concentricity is bad, inhomogeneous cladding layer.

mouth and mandrel dimension calculation method is the same as the plastic tubing. Finalize the design length of the die exit mouth diameter size of 1. 0 - 1. 1, 5 times, coating layer thickness. 25 - 1. 6 mm, mandrel front end to the module and finalize the design period of the distance between the mouth and finalize the design period of equal length. When finalize the design length is longer, the plastic has good contact with the conductor, but as a result of extruder cylinder screw back pressure is higher, so the plasticizing lower productivity.

from the extrusion of the bubble tube, usually in the temperature of 160 ℃ above, in a state of half flow state or injection molding processing. Bubble tube from huff to enter the traction device, only a few seconds, the natural cooling speed is slow, in the heat pipe membrane adhesion easily after two layers of clamping, so must be forced cooling. The wind ring is relatively commonly used cooling device. The wind ring cooling to finalize the design of tube membrane, adjust the size of air volume in the wind ring, also can control the thickness of the film.

bushing covered the nose to produce cable, similar to extrusion type covered the nose of the structure. The nose is right Angle the nose, and extrusion type coated bushing is the difference between the nose covered the nose will squeeze into tubes, outside the mouth mould and coated by plastic pipe cold contraction on the conductor, in addition, can also make the plastic tube vacuum tight packets on the wire. Guide rod forming tube inner surface, forming the outer surface of the pipe.

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