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With characteristics of polyethylene

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Calcium carbonate, talc, mica, wollastonite, such as inorganic filler modified PE, can not only reduce cost, and can improve the rigidity, surface hardness and thermal stability, nanoscale inorganic filler modification effect is better. Through crosslinking, can improve the performance of PE plastic injection processing all aspects of fabrication. PP can improve the mixing of environmental stress cracking resistance, and improve the rigidity, blending EVA, CPA, can improve the toughness, printing, mixing CPE can also improve the flame resistance, adding rubber can improve the impact toughness.

PE depends on the performance of some important structural parameters, such as density, chain structure, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. The mechanical properties of polyethylene with approximate linear density changes. LDPE nature soft, tensile strength in 7 - 14 mpa range, so much for film or other soft ware, HDPE can be up to 30 mpa tensile strength and stiffness can reach more than 1500 mpa and the impact resistance of PE is very good.

industrial design with material is given priority to with HDPE, in terms of material modification, HDPE carried out is more active. HDPE modified primarily in improving strength, stiffness, creep deformation, impact resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, barrier property, heat resistance, etc. Glass fiber reinforced, usually 20% The amount of 30% can significantly improve the strength, rigidity, reduce the shrinkage rate and heat deformation temperature.

thermal performance also varies with the density change, LDPE temperature under 100 ℃, HDPE can reach 120 ℃, low temperature resistance of PE is better, catalytic temperature can reach - 70℃。 PE chemical resistance, good ability of various concentration of salt and alkali solution, 50% sulfuric acid, 40% nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid, and resistance to most organic solvents. Does not contain polar groups in the molecular structure of PE, so excellent electrical insulation, in the use of dielectric loss is extremely low temperature scope, and has the prominent high pressure resistance, high frequency insulation shall apply.

not resistant to high concentrations of oxidizing acid and other strong oxidizer, 60 ℃ or more soluble in some organic solvents, such as halogenated hydrocarbon, fatty hydrocarbon and their halogen derivatives. The lower the density, the more easily dissolved. Nonpolar gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, transmittance of polyethylene is bigger, the permeability of various hydrocarbons and aromatic substance is also quite big, therefore should not be used for long-term storage, sensitive to oxygen such as food or need to save the spices, cosmetics packaging materials. In this regard, HDPE is relatively better than LDPE.

polyethylene resin in the three important varieties: low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene and high density polyethylene, their chain structure characteristics are different. Low density polyethylene is nonlinear model, the number on the main chain with more different length of branch chain, therefore, also known as branched polyethylene, high density polyethylene with linear structure is given priority to, only a few branched, linear low density polyethylene chain structure between the two varieties of chain structure on the properties of polyethylene injection tooling impact is bigger.

mineral oil can make PE swelling, some surfactants, such as lubricants or detergent, can cause products mechanical stress area surrounding stress crack, this is the environmental stress cracking of polyethylene. The ability of resistance to stress cracking increases with the increase of molecular weight. Because the nonpolar, low surface energy, printing and adhesive are difficult, must be carried out on the products surface processing technology. Shrinkage is larger, and clear direction, injection molding products easy warping deformation.

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