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With potassium hydrogen sulfate catalytic synthesis of plasticizer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In common varieties of plasticizer, aliphatic dibasic acid ester is one of important category, it and phthalic acid esters plasticizer and can significantly improve cold resistance of the product. DOS is aliphatic dibasic acid esters plasticizer in a prominent representative varieties, its low volatile, heat resistance, good resistance to light is famous for its advantages of excellent electrical insulation, in particular, it is not only good low temperature performance, and low toxicity, and can be safe injection molding processing under high temperature, therefore, it is widely used in cold wire, cable, artificial leather, plates and other plastic and rubber products. In addition, the DOS in the oil industry also can be used as a jet engine lubricating oil and so on.

potassium hydrogen sulfate is salt and acid, it can dissolve in water is strongly acidic, but as a catalyst for the esterification reaction, in the reaction does not dissolve in the reaction liquid is insoluble in the product. As a result, it showed the effect of solid acid catalyst, catalytic esterification is liquid - Two opposite should be. After the reaction with simple filtering methods can easily separate the catalyst and products.

using benzene and toluene instead of xylene can reduce the reaction temperature, but the production rate fell slightly, and the reaction time greatly extended. This is caused by the reason of low reaction temperature, reaction speed slow down. So in order to speed up the reaction, improve the efficiency of production, or using xylene as appropriate, only when two hours response can be basically completed.

plasticizers are used to improve the plasticity of the injection molding products processing additives. Surface water of titanate esters is very stable, not easy decomposition, mainly from industrial and agricultural waste water, surface runoff and the settlement of particles in the air, and so on. Titanate classes usually come from industrial smoke in the soil settlement. Sewage irrigation, the accumulation of waste plastics, agricultural plastic film, such as the rain water for a long time, can make the local soil serious pollution.

toxic or are difficult to biodegradable plasticizer varieties should stop using it. For workshop and factory production of plasticizer, should strictly control the air and titanate ester content of waste liquor. Use of plasticizer factory, should as far as possible choose easily degradable, less toxic plasticizer varieties, dosage should be strictly controlled. Food containers, food packaging industry as far as possible avoid the use of added a large number of titanate of packaging materials. For environment has caused titanate pollution, biodegradation, adsorption methods can be used to run.

phthalic acid ester as a special kind of ester, with esters in common, can under the acid or alkali catalytic hydrolysis. It is estimated that the hydrolysis of phthalic acid esters half-life can from ethyl phthalate of 3. Change to phthalates - 2 years 2 - Ethyl ethyl ester of 2000 years. Thus this compound hydrolysis is not an important reaction process. In addition, phthalic acid esters can also occur volatilization, but due to its low vapor pressure, thus volatilization. But according to its in the ultraviolet, visible light range without absorption, this phenomenon can be concluded that they find it hard to photochemical reaction.

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