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Blow molding part design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
If the venting is not good can cause a striped injection surface processing, hemp, and even produce the defects, such as plastic incomplete as a result, a certain number of vent shall be set up blowing mold. Vent opening in the mold cavity and the Angle and the parison of test found difficult to stick mold, the diameter of the vent frequently from 0. 5 - 1mm。 In addition, the opening width of 10 - in parting surface 20 mm, the depth of 0. 03 - 0. 05 mm exhaust slot is also the main method of exhaust. Exhaust slot and the vent is best, of course, after the test according to the actual situation of molding and open.

the cross section shape of parison general requirements outline in accord with plastic parts, such as blow molding circular cross section of the bottle, parison section should be rounded, if blow molding barrels, the parison made best square cross section. In injection blow molding, plastic parts and the length of the ratio of the effective length of parison I stretch ratio. Injection blow molding thread can be designed according to the requirements of injection molding plastic parts design. Extrusion blow molding of plastic parts, the thread usually adopt trapezoid or circular cross section, and not use fine thread or coarse thread, it's because of hard to forming.

residual function is to store manger was sandwiched mouth to remove excess stock, in order to avoid excess stock, caught in the parting surface affect the size and shape of the plastic parts. Excess stock tank is usually set on both sides of the mouth of the clamp billet. Excess stock tank shall be in accordance with the size of the width and thickness of parison is holding allowance to determine, in does not affect the mold closed. For excess stock tank and mold connected, its volume can not be considered. After the mould clamping, cavity was closed. In the parison, blowing gas purging should consider the mould problem.

in order to facilitate the processing of plastic pieces of the flash, in does not affect the use under the premise of thread can be made into discontinuous form, i. e. a near the parting surface with no thread on the plastic parts. Rounded corners and supporting the design ideas are similar to injection molding plastic parts. Due to the blow molding pressure is small, so the radius for the larger, especially should not be in the plastic parts wall into a roster of sharp corners, because the Angle is difficult to shape.

blowing mold is usually to open, a little more complicated blowing mold may require local or bottom side parting design institutions. For large extrusion blow molding mold or continuous automatic injection blow molding mold to set up the general cooling waterway, used for mould cooling. For extrusion blow molding mold, all that needs to be extra parison removed parts, such as blow molding gallon barrels, upper and hand, at the bottom of the bottom of the plastic bottles and upper thread, etc. , are to make a narrow on the mould of billet mouth, so that the excessive parison resection.

before blowing whether in accordance with the parison after stretch blow molding, injection blow molding can be divided into general processing injection molding and stretch blow molding injection molding. Stretch blow molding is refers to the increasing stretching process for blow molding station, under the thermal state with drawing mandrel first automatically hot parison stretching down certain length, then blow molding. For cold grey method, blow molding, increase the procedure is very easy to implement. Sheet of blow moulding method is ancient, operation, the strength of the plastic extrusion blow molding and injection molding is better than high.

look from the structure and technology of the mould, blow molding mould can be divided into the mouthpiece and mouthpiece. Injection blow molding mold for blow molding of parison completely into blowing mold cavity, so no need to make clip mouth, just making parison fixtures. Clip mouth also calls the incision, extrusion blow molding process, the mould should be at the same time in the closed excess stock parison sealing for removal, so in the mold of billet mouth to set up the corresponding parts.

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