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Daylighting plastic sheet

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding processing and excellent insulating PC board stays than using the same thickness of the glass can be energy-saving 40% 60%. Developed by the latest PC insulation board, can be selectively block infrared light from the sun, but it can let visible light pass through, so can greatly reduce into the interior of the sun's heat. Ordinary PC board under the effect of moisture and strong light surface variable blond, crisp, causes the crack and fracture. In order to improve the weatherability of the PC, can be in to the outer surface of the sun radiation co-extrusion layer containing high concentrations of uv absorber PC layer, or in the plate on both sides of the co-extrusion a ultraviolet resistant layer of PC layer. Plate after uv radiation process, has excellent anti-aging performance.

lighting with rigid PVC transparent plate, which is PVC transparent sheet, with high thermal stability, organic tin or liquid metal composite stabilizer for heat stabilizer, and add the impact resistant agent and other additives, with extrusion process. Mixing polyurethane resin can improve the transparency of PVC board, such as a layer of uv protection layer co-extrusion, cover the plate surface, improve the weatherability of PVC sheet.

PC board has very good transparency, PC is a high performance engineering plastics, have higher tensile strength, bending strength and modulus of elasticity. PC board is one of the most prominent advantages with high impact strength, reach the window grating its security level A3 level PC impact strength is common glass 100 times, 30 times as much as plexiglass. PC board heat resistance and cold resistance is superior to the general transparent plastic sheet, can be in - 40 - 120 ℃ range of various physical properties of stability, superior to the low thermal conductivity.

in the sheet forming process, using two-way stretch technology, make the plate in the perpendicular direction stretch, can obviously improve the physical and mechanical properties of the plate, the impact strength 2 times higher than that of ordinary PVC sheet, light transmittance of 90%, and can resist - The low temperature of 30 ℃. PVC board has an obvious advantage is that the corrosion resistance is strong, has good flame retardancy. PVC board is more used in building decoration materials.

organic glass is usually appellation, chemical name should be a polymethyl methacrylate. Production of organic glass plate has three methods: model casting method, continuous casting method and continuous extrusion method. Continuous extrusion method due to the lowest cost of production, is developing rapidly abroad. Organic glass good pervious to light, single corrugated plate light transmittance 93%, hollow plate light transmittance can reach 83%. Have higher rigidity and bending elastic modulus of up to 3500 mpa, resistance to impact is also very good, impact test, with 500 g steel ball, 1500 mm in height, 50 times impact board face won't craze.

usually paste FRP corrugated plate surface with a layer of anti aging film, can greatly improve the aging resistance of injection molding processing corrugated plate, prolong service life. Anti aging film there are two main types, one is a fluorine plastic film, film thickness 25 or so, can make the early light transmittance of corrugated plate to keep more than 20 years; The other is a polyester film, polyester film, namely life can reach more than 15 years. FRP corrugated plate is mainly used as roofing material.

organic glass good weather resistance, long service life, ten years will not change color, crisp, and always maintain good transparency; Forming good processability, thermal forming parts of various shapes. Polycarbonate sheets, in business is also called the sunshine board, drugs or glass card board, is to develop polycarbonate as raw material, the production of engineering plastic sheet extrusion process. Because the performance is very good, is currently building engineering development prospects are extremely the daylighting of the materials and building decoration materials.

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