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Design key points of GMT products

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In the design of self tapping screw, convex outside wall thickness shall be 2 weeks. 5 - 3 mm, the design of the stiffener may refer to the design of injection mold products processing. Plastic plating is one of the plastic metal processing method. Plastic electroplating process can go smoothly and plastic plating quality, first of all depends on the plastic parts ready, and chrome product design is one of important one annulus. Electroplating plastic design, want to consider the effect of electroplating.

demoulding of GMT products is good, so products folding Angle is small. Usually when the flanging height is less than 75 mm, slope option 1 & deg; At 75 - 2 of 150 mm, the slope & deg; , the height is greater than 150 mm, the slope option 3 & deg; 。 Have a checkered slope surface will increase with the increase of the depth of checkered. According to the requirements of USES, can be in GMT products embedded metal insert molding process.

front part or small protuberant part should be thin, generally 1 - 1. 5 mm, had better not more than 1. 5mm。 Ling, parts and surface flow resistance of thickening 1 - should be considered 2mm。 Draft of conductive plastics is bigger than common plastic, had better take 3 & deg; Above, when the cavity depth is small, considering the role of the ejector pin, draft desirable 0. 5° 。 If the products outer surface processing patterns, draft can be appropriately enlarged.

convex set is for screw assembly, the products are on convex sets and sidewall processed into an organic whole. The diameter of the convex platform was 2 the diameter of the screw. 5 - Three times, 3 - the diameter of the screw length for its 4 times. Usually the corner to the larger arc radius, minimum radius of the corner suggestion to 0. 76mm。 Where must the Angle by the designer, it is recommended to use the short cut glass fiber composite materials. The design of the stiffener to consider the types of fiber reinforcement.

for felt matrix composites, appropriate design of short and wide of the stiffener. The narrow width of stiffener, using chopped fibre is better, to ensure the uniform distribution of fiber and resin matrix. Design reinforced felt products, usually adopts V groove design to replace the reinforcement. This design can make the continuous fiber is easier to reach the bottom of the V groove, not affected by bridging of resin and fiber evenly distributed.

the size of the injection molding processing products generally no restrictions, it mainly depends on the ability of molding equipment. When designing the thickness of the products, the minimum thickness is generally limited to 2 - 25 mm, for less than 1 kg weight products, suggest to select the minimum thickness of not less than 2 mm, more than 1 kg heavy goods, the minimum thickness of not less than 2. 5mm。 For maximum thickness has no specific restrictions, but considering the wall thickness increase will make the molding cycle extended, therefore generally choose the maximum thickness of the product with less than 50 mm advisable.

using the conductive plastic injection molding products have been widely used, because of the raw materials used in physical properties, fluid properties and other performance and common plastic raw materials, and its forming condition is also different. Wall thickness of conductive plastic products with different products shape, size set, generally set to 2 - 3. It is advisable to 5 mm. Considering from maintain long-term stability of conductive performance, wall thickness should be more than 3 mm.

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