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Different profile extrusion principle

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Extrusion molding: also known as extrusion molding, key thermosetting plastic molding, right part also appropriate liquidity good thermosetting plastic and forming of elastomer materials. Its molding process is to use spinning extruder screw, will be heating molten thermosetting plastic raw materials, from a desired engine like cross section of extrusion, then shaped by setting, again according to the cooling tower, cold hard dry solid into the cross section of the goods.


1, the host software:
extrusion system consists of extruder screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel, is an important part of extruder. Its efficacy is fused raw material, quantitative analysis, uniform, constant temperature extrusion melt
transmission device: the extruder screw drive, show me need to torque and torque:
heating and cooling system to ensure that the plastic in the molding process temperature and extrusion system software of processing rules

2, auxiliary engines, shaped by the engine equipment, refrigeration equipment, traction belt rolling equipment, laser cutting equipment,

3, automatic control system made up of household electrical appliances, instrumentation and electric actuator
efficacy: manipulation of main, auxiliary engine motor, in order to consider the required speed and output power; Manipulation of the main auxiliary machine working pressure, temperature, total flow, ensure product quality; Complete extrusion generator automatic control system to ensure harmonious main, auxiliary engine operation.

main parameters about

1, temperature extrusion temperature is just right for barrel temperature and plastic temperature, the temperature of the extruder screw, usually measuring cylinder temperature. Temperature control by heating and cooling system, because of the extruder screw structure, heating and cooling system is not stable, extruder screw rotation speed than what the changes such as sake to make the raw material in the axial and radial temperature had ups and downs, and damage the product quality, product, the compressive strength is not the same at various points caused by internal stress, surface bleak bleak. In order to ensure product quality, temperature should be smooth.

2, work pressure for extruder screw cylinder structure, engine, filter, filter filter frictional resistance, make the plastic interior work pressure. Work pressure changes as shown, work stress has ups and downs.

3, extrusion speed per unit time of extruder die mouth extrusion plastic quality or length. Hazard factors of extrusion speed, the engine friction resistance, extruder screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel structure, extruder screw speed, heating, cooling, plastic characteristics. But when the goods is set, the extrusion speed is only related to extruder screw speed ratio. Extrusion speed also has ups and downs, harm geometry appearance and specifications of products.

working pressure, temperature, extrusion speed all have ups and downs, to ensure product quality, the proper design of extruder screw, manipulation, good heating and cooling systems and extruder screw speed than the reliability, the main parameters to reduce the ups and downs.

application industry agriculture, building industry, petroleum chemical industry equipment, mechanical equipment manufacturing, medical machinery, cars, electronics, aerospace and other industrial sectors are used.

the above is the knowledge about different profile extrusion principle, hope can help you. Smooth da plastic products factory, founded in 1997, is located in changshu city, one of the important cities of jiangsu province, is a professional production and sales service in one of the intensive, large-scale enterprises. Company's main products include various specifications of PVC profile customization, PVC trough, PVC floor groove, PVC pipe line and so on, has the advantages of rich performance quality, specifications, product quality have been certified by national authoritative organization, market feedback is good.
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