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Do this at five o 'clock, let injection workshop management easier

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Wen injection tooling/VIP

a, work breakdown, clear responsibility, to do their job.
distribution of each post things not too much, let everybody to do the work fine, fine. Who who die maintenance, for instance, bad product management and so on. Said like this may let a person feel too waste of human resources, actually otherwise, in a word, I prefer haier CEO & other; Do ordinary things well is not ordinary, do the simple things well is not simple & throughout; , for each post formulate reasonable, proper job description, clarify the responsibilities of each position, make employees understand their work and activities. Went as far as possible to reduce the command, to learn as much as possible about problems, reduce the number of them, we can often see a lot of enterprise, the competent level higher vocational cadres, are often talk export written, but often it is not from reality.

2, response variables injection workshop there are too many variables, such as planning, tooling, equipment, such as full of unpredictability, it is difficult for us to do everything expected the enemy first, so quick response is a focus of workshop management. This requires us to existing personnel's quality is higher. So I think the most important thing is to work in a workshop training, because all things are done by people the basic factors of production. At the same time, we also want to clearly see, the power of the individual, after all, is the small to play the power of the team, personal power combined with team wisdom, can make the work get twice the result with half the effort.
VIP think team's strength is infinite, injection molding processing ing a person to do things, way too tight. Three, examine the implementation of the

as the saying goes, a man without pressure light, build good rules and regulations, by way of example, rewards and punishment. Appraisal system to stick with it and go down. Such as employee performance appraisal, the technician on duty work review, workshop weekly review, 5 s monthly review, for we have trained some of the courses, to continue to proceed, and I will have a perfect system constraints.

4, vigorously promotes the quality
grasp quality mainly two things: one is to eliminate bad product into the process, after the second is to reduce adverse, improve production efficiency. This needs our earnest analysis of quality defects, find out the problems in order to better solve the problem. Problems should be in the quality of the communication meeting regularly, and come up with a solution before put forward, at least in part went through a feasibility plan. Internally we should analyze the cause of their own and the insufficiency, caused by bad link there, and figure out a way to solve, has done this, and is provided with communication with other departments.

five, the training effect to guarantee before
training in a planned way, what is the most need to let employees know, must be targeted. Technician training is given priority to with what, for instance, what is complementary, the training of employees of production line is given priority to with what, for foremen or supervisors training is given priority to with what, and form a file, save the reference points and training archives appraisal as the basis. If the training effect is worse than no training. For weak link for training at the same time, the participation and construction of 5 s training courses, such as for technicians, foreman, and other technical management personnel to conduct TPM, SMED training. Before the training, we must first make trainees to realize that these jobs can bring benefits.

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