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Don't granulation technology

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Borstar process using a catalyst, only on the active center of inner loop reactor catalyst to generate low molecular weight polymer, and can be on the same catalyst particles in meteorological reactor regeneration into quality of macromolecule polymer, to produce bimodal polyethylene. The advantages of this kind of polyethylene is that it contains a short polymer molecular chain, and contains a long polymer chain. Officially the molecules, improve the injection molding processing products mechanical strength. In the molten state small, connect molecules under the action of small molecule chain, part of the chain of long molecular chains began to stretch, to improve the flow performance of long molecular chains, and short chain intermolecular lubrication effect, improve the injection molding processing performance.

the copolymerization technology of PE modified get rapid development in recent years. With the successful development of the new catalyst has good copolymerization performance and condensation state and super condensation state feed technology application. Bimodal polyethylene is refers to the relative molecular weight distribution curve presents two peaks of polyethylene resin, bimodal resins can be gained in the superior physical properties at the same time to improve the injection molding processing performance. Product has good mechanical properties and molding processing performance, can adapt to general processing equipment.

don't put the slurry granulation process method of prestressing technology combined with the gas phase fluidized bed technology, reaction in a small loop reactor first, then the prepolymer continuous through one or two short residence time of gas phase fluidized bed, two in the gas phase fluidized bed can control and maintain a completely independent gas composition, temperature and pressure can be controlled independently, has realized the product design more flexibility.

titanium catalyst technology using spherical system catalyst in three-dimensional space is shown on the physical and chemical structure of the hot spots, can think of control physical and chemical properties of the vehicle itself, and controls the distribution of active centers on the carrier. Its principle is: by controlling the porosity of the carrier, make active center priority distribution on the surface, the monomer diffusion ability is limited, so in the process of polymerization can be layered or hollow polymer particles, the particles themselves and become a reactor, the introduction of the other monomer, can be inside the hollow particles under the action of the active center of polymerization or copolymerization, which produce dispersion is very homogeneous polymer blend or polymer alloy. Formula, using different monomer homopolymer way tiger other functional polymers can be obtained.

single reactor method is through the development of catalyst system containing multiple active center, in the synthesis of a reactor, bimodal molecular weight distribution of polyethylene resin. Single reactor method can reduce the cost of investment, but the high cost of catalyst, the development difficulty is big, and injection molding product performance will be affected by certain restrictions. In the loop reactor using supercritical propane as diluent, can produce the production form a molecular mass peak of bimodal polyethylene of low molecular weight polymer, and output composition in the gas phase reactor polymer quality peak of quality products, and can according to the requirement to adjust the distribution of molecular weight.

with the progress of catalyst technology, now has been directly from the polymerizer was no further granulation spherical PE resin technology. Directly do not need granulation resin production, not only can save a lot of steps, such as extrusion granulation of energy dissipation and low from the reactor on the crystallization product does not change shape, it is beneficial to shortening the period of injection molding processing, saving and processing power. Due to save the granulation process, can make the device investment fell 20%.

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