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Double screw configuration features

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In the melt conveying zone, the material must be established a certain pressure, making die material has the certain density. Generally speaking, in the region, the material can be further mixed, but must avoid excessive shear, the main function is to transport and pressurization, such as lacking the ability to feed forward will cause the spiral groove through long, lead to vent to take material or produce unstable extrusion. Injection molding processing material filled length depends on material viscosity, lead screw, the screw rotation speed, feed rate and mouth mold resistance, so this area should through the threaded piece of lead screw configuration gradient or screw groove gradient method to implement the pressurization.

with different thickness and different differential Angle of kneading block combined with threaded piece of meet each other. Through the area of material by both high shearing action and dispersion, and can guarantee a certain time and backmixing, ensure material dispersion from overheating. This both of multicomponent polymers blending, or glass fiber reinforced PA and so on is very important.

in the exhaust inlet location to set up the thread or reverse kneading block, will melt sealing, to establish a high pressure; Exhaust area with large lead screw element, to form a solution of low degree and thin layer, so that the material has exposed the free surface or use long small lead screw element, increase the update speed on the surface of the melt, so gas purging and volatile.

in the mixing section, material after melting process in the melting state. Blending system components between the starting melting has been mixed, mixed size of dispersed phase polymer change sharply, from primary mm macro particles into the melt at the end of the micron grade, and mixed areas further refinement and jun is the component size, distribution and dispersity mixing function. Therefore, the combination of components with kneading block as the main body, thread high shear kneading block is complementary, at the same time must prevent concentration of kneading block and produce high shear heat, cause local overheating.

the exhaust area increase the mixing intensity of screw configuration material flow characteristics is completely molten state of the material by the compression and decompression suddenly, volatile material under vacuum condition can be quickly evaporate, from the melt. To promote the volatile components in the melt can be quickly from the melt, the configuration Settings to mix with molten zone configuration is different.

more wonderful words: kneading elements and new type mixing element, click directly.
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