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Dynamic vulcanization and compatibilizer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Dynamic vulcanization method is a kind of preparation of rubber/plastics blend of effective and simple method. It can avoid the pollution of impurities and dewatering, solvent, adopted by the equipment generally includes mixer, extruder, etc. EPDM dynamic vulcanization with polyethylene, polypropylene copolymer, the product of the mechanical properties, hardness, tensile permanent deformation, etc. Affect the performance of the EPDM/polyene blend of a number of factors including dynamic vulcanization, the degree of dispersion of rubber particle diameter, the rubber phase crosslinking density, content and types of resin phase, blending vulcanization temperature and so on.

rubber dispersed particle size on the fracture strength and maximum elongation, negative influence, namely rubber dispersed particle size is smaller, the better mechanical properties. Under the low density of coach can also greatly reduce permanent deformation. Tensile strength increases with the rubber intersection density increases with the rise, even in the very high crosslinking density, blend it still has the similar thermoplastic injection molding processability, but rigid has rise. With plastic content increase, the blend of elasticity decreased, its performance is more close to the plastic properties of resin phase, namely, modulus, tensile strength, strength to rise.

nucleating agent is added in the plastic can be jun each other nuclear into heterogeneous nucleation, make tiny crystal particles, and can control the crystal shape, so as to achieve the purpose of improving toughness. Nucleating agent is is characterized by: with resin has lower interfacial energy, resin crystallization in insoluble in resin, the resin melting point above the melting and decomposition, with a similar crystal structure and crystal resin, ruling, stable and does not react with other substances, and so on.

in modified plastic, plastic alloy is made by a variety of polymers, with a single polymer cannot be achieved by the excellent physical properties, and can quickly meet the requirements of all kinds of market, so more and more attention, especially in the area of general engineering plastics alloy is developing rapidly. Compatilizer is in the blending of so-called coupling effect between polymer composition of copolymer, he is also known as solubilizer, interfacial emulsifying agent and so on.

by physical blending method make polymer alloy, the key is to solve the problem that the polymer compatibilizer. So-called mean polymer compatibility and degree of integration between two phase dispersed state, good compatibility of polymer molecular level dispersion can be achieved after mixing, and form a homogeneous structure, polymer two interphase contact area is large, strong cohesion, fine dispersion structure can be formed, and maintain the state of the micro phase separation, bad compatibility of polymer after mixing, agglutination is formed independently of various polymer composition, two phase are in a state of separation, the two phase interface is very small, stick relay between polymer is weak, so prone to delamination, stripping phenomenon. Therefore the polymer compatibility to make adding compatilizer in polymer blends.

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