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by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Calcium carbonate with stearic acid coated to reduce its surface to improve its dispersed in the polymer properties. But the commercialization of the products are coated and contains excessive amounts of surfactant. The addition of stearic acid can improve LDPE - linear The young's modulus, yield stress of CaCO3, but reduce the tensile strength, elongation at yield, and elongation at break. Excessive amounts of surfactant in the study of LDPE composites on the tensile properties and the effect of the result of CaCO3 join increased the hardness and yield stress of polymer, but reduces the all other mechanical properties. Coated excessive packing did not result in packing and the role of stearic acid in polymer linear additivity, in fact, the excess surfactant enlarged its enhancement effect on the hardness, but reduces the other mechanical properties of composites. Calcium stearate is often used as acid neutralizer, lubricant and injection molding processing aid, the same as the effect of stearic acid in the polymer, but slightly less effective. Except for some special applications require caused by excess surfactant performance, in the packing surface coated appropriate amount of the monolayer organic membrane more favorable.

the conductive fillers added to the polymer can be made of conductive and thermal conductivity of the insulation resin, the importance of its mechanical properties is also nots allow to ignore. For polypropylene, sawdust/rice husk filling performance and the magnesium hydroxide flame retardant PP compound in secondary effect of this kind of compounds with horizontal burning rate and oxygen index test method was studied. Magnesium hydroxide can effectively reduce the flammability of the natural fiber filled PP, and share no synergistic effect with boric acid and zinc borate production. The addition of flame retardants on the mechanical performance of the compound has certain influence.

use carbon packing include conductive carbon black, synthetic graphite particles and smash the pitch based carbon fiber, to each kind of polymer jun join different amount of single carbon filler resin was studied, and also is composite filler in composite filled polymer is designed according to the factor levels were studied. Purpose is to determine each kind of packing effects on the tensile and impact properties of the resin and its interactions. In most cases, two or three different filler composite resin performance statistics on performance improvement of 95%.

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