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Fixed installation of oblique guide pillar

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Due to the inclined guide pillar and the lateral core at the same time set in the processing of plastic injection mold parts, design of oblique guide pillar can be appropriately extended, ensure that the sideslip when the side core-pulling piece of never inclined guide pillar, so do not need to set the sideslip piece positioning device. Due to the inclined guide pillar and slide block at the side of the moving mould at the same time, also can be appropriately extended inclined guide pillar design, make in the whole process of side core-pulling technoloy is not out of the inclined guide pillar, so also does not need to set the sideslip piece positioning device. The use of ejecting board institution inclined guide pillar and slide block caused by relative motion of side core-pulling mechanism, mainly is suitable for extracting distance and core pulling force is not too big.

open mold, the plastic bag on the punch together with dynamic model with dynamic model on the back, when introduced to start working, injection molding machine of plunger top push board, make further compression spring, until the push rod plastic parts. Once you begin clamping, when the injection molding machine plunger, when in contact with the mold to the push plate from the restoring force of the spring under the action of push rod quickly reset, and are not driven in inclined guide pillar side core slider reset before putting the end of the reset, so to avoid the feelings and side core.

in the inclined guide pillar and slide block installed in the structure of the fixed die at the same time, generally inclined guide pillar fixed on the fixed mould plate and the slide block is installed on the fixed template guide chute. In order to cause the inclined guide pillar and slide block, the relative movement between the two must also increase between the fixed mould plate and solid plate a parting surface, therefore, requires a sequence distance parting mechanism, namely the mould when the parting surface temporary regardless of type, and let the analysis of the mould part increase distance parting and let the inclined guide pillar drive to side slide block core pulling, after the core pulling, and then the main parting parting surface.

spring first reset mechanism is simple, easy to install, so mold designers prefer, but spring force is small, and easy to fatigue failure and reliability will be some difference, generally only suitable for reset force is not big, and require regular inspection and replacement of spring. Inclined guide pillar fixed on the moving mould, sideslip block installed on the fixed mold structure on the surface seems to be fixed in the fixed mold, sideslip and inclined guide pillar block installed on the dynamic model of the structure are similar, namely as the open action, occurrence of relative movement between inclined guide pillar and slide block and side parting and core pulling, actually otherwise.

since general requirements when open mold plastic bag tightly on the dynamic model of punch in the dynamic model, and side core is installed on the fixed mold, it will produce several ways. If side core-pulling and demoulding simultaneously, due to the direction of the side core pulling effect driven mold plastic part on the punch of forced off in the mould, after the side core-pulling, could not be removed from the fixed model cavity plastic.

if subject to the conditions of injection molding processing mold structure and must set the push rod, under the side core, should first consider whether the push rod after the launch of a certain distance is less than the minimum surface side core, when can not meet the conditions, you must analyze produce interference in critical condition and take measures to reset the launch institutions first, and then allow the side core slider reset, so as to avoid interference. Spring reset mechanism is first introduced institutions using the spring force to reset before clamping a first reset structure, namely the installation of the spring is compressed between the push rod fixed plate and the moving mould plate.

due to the tight plastic bag on the dynamic model of force is greater than the side core in fixed plastic model cavity, the force will probably appear plastic parts is torn or small lateral side core core broken phenomenon, lead to mold damage or unable to work. Inclined guide pillar fixed on the moving mould, the mould structure of slide block installed in the mould is the feature of side core-pulling and demoulding cannot simultaneously, either side core-pulling demoulding after first, or first release the side core pulling.

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