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Flame retardant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Compared with most of additives, flame retardants can significantly degrade the performance of the plastic. Must therefore be in flame retardant plastics performance and requirements to improve fire safety comprehensive balance. Ideal flame retardants will be easy to introduce plastic are compatible with, and does not change its mechanical properties. Flame retardants shall also be colorless, have excellent light stability, ageing resistance and water resistance, flame retardant must match and the degradation of polymer temperature, i. e. , suitable for flame retardant plastic degradation temperature below, and sustained in the degradation temperature range.

in order to prevent burning plastic or plastic in the burning after from self-extinguishing fire, can add flame retardant. Flame retardants mainly from the following aspects on flame retardant effect. 1. Dilution effect, mainly on thin plastic fuel concentration and dilution in the combustion process in the role of the concentration of the itch. 2. Isolation efficiency, no combustion gas in combustion process or foam layer or a blanket to form a layer of liquid or solid, flames of fire from oxygen. 3. Cooling efficiency, absorb plastic release heat when burnt, make plastic injection processing temperature drops, so stop polymer degradation or cracking, interrupt the sources of volatile gas. 4. Eliminate the effect, through the passivation to eliminate free radicals generated in combustion process of chain reaction, interrupt the chain reaction of combustion process. Different kinds of flame retardants of flame retardant role is different, some plays a role, others at the same time several role.

can prevent the combustion process is one of the important chemical reactions occur in solid phase and gas phase. The solid phase reaction happened have flame retardant can accelerate the pyrolysis of polymer, flow characteristics of polymer significantly at the same time, and thus resulted in the melt dripping. Such as ductility polymerization of styrene oxide, flame retardant can make produce carbon layer on the surface of polymer material, such as through the role of the dehydration phosphide flame retardants in polymer formation of double bond, thus forming a carbon black, and then by the cyclization reaction and form the carbonized layer exchange reaction of two types.

physically flame retardant, 1. Endothermic process of cooling, using additives in the matrix materials cooled to continue burning under the required temperature. 2. Form a protective layer, the enrichment with solid phase or gas phase protective layer combustible gas layer and apart, so that the combustible layer cooling, only emit less cracking gas, at the same time make the cut off oxygen necessary for combustion and heat transfer is blocked. 3. Dilution, adding inert matter and decomposition gives off an inert gas additive, to dilute combustible substance in the solid phase or gas phase, so that the temperature of mixed gas ignition, flame retardant.

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