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Flame retardant polyester

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Flame retardants for injection molding processing products the influence degree of the surface performance that appearance is an important condition to choose the flame retardants. Fire retardant agents on the properties of material mechanics influence as small as possible, is also the basic requirement of flame retardants used. Used in PBT, PET bromine, phosphate flame retardants have two categories, bromine series flame retardant flame retardant with high efficiency, to adapt to a variety of color varieties, but the toxicity is opposite bigger, phosphorus-containing flame retardant low toxicity, is the important direction of flame retardant polymer materials.

flame retardant principle of formula design, as the design of the flame retardant PBT, PET, besides satisfy some special requirements, should first consider the flame retardancy. The principle of flame retardant formula design has the following points: 1. Pay attention to improve the efficiency of flame retardant, select the appropriate component. 2. Pay attention to material special requirements, select the appropriate component. 3. The composite flame retardant system, and can meet the flame retardant materials with special requirements. 4. Helped fuel the selection and dosage of matching is very important, such as requiring high flame retardant, must add some anti dripping agent. The correct use of processing AIDS for high glass fiber flame retardant system, the addition of dispersant could improve the flame retardant and glass fiber dispersion degree, for light color products, should consider the appropriate lubrication system.

in the flame retardant polyester flame retardant reinforced polyester is the main product, it has the properties of glass fiber reinforced polyester, but also has good resistance to burning. To join in the glass fiber reinforced polyester flame retardants, make the material has the flame retardancy, guarantee the safety of the product. In recent years, the development of flame retardant reinforced polyester varieties obtained many important results, in addition to the general flame retardant grade, non-toxic, flame retardant, arc resistance, antistatic properties have been commercialized.

flame retardant polyester manufacturing process is the main control factors of flame retardants and mixing process. Flame retardants for flame retardant polyester performance is influential. Flame retardant efficiency is to choose the key indicators of flame retardants. Flame retardant toxicity is one of the flame retardant selection criteria, flame retardant toxicity as an important standard of product safety performance, combustion flame retardants in the process of decomposition product is toxic, direct or indirect damage to the human body. So people pays attention to green product, environmental protection has become an important standard to measure the quality of products.

product appearance, the parts surface is bright and clean, need to use flame retardant system migration, so choose the appropriate flame retardants is particularly important. Flame retardant efficiency and toxicity, and bromine series flame retardant flame retardant efficiency is very high, but the toxicity is bigger, and smaller toxicity of phosphorus-containing flame retardant, but colour and lustre is deep. To get superior performance of flame retardant polyester, matching is an important condition of flame retardants. The particularity of material, if you need ultraviolet resistant, antistatic, moisture resistance, aging resistance should choose good flame retardant and at the same time adding additives.

the performance, flame retardant polyester for PBT and PET flame retardant modification, closely related to the analysis of product performance and formula, find the key factors affecting injection molding processing and product performance is very important. With sufficient mechanical properties as the basic conditions of electronic equipment structure material. Because of adding glass fiber and flame retardant PBT, PET, the filling quantity of 45% or more in the composite material, the impact strength of material, such as a large impact on performance, especially the PET itself of big rigidity, enhance the flame retardant PET more brittle. So keep good impact performance, to make the material must be appropriate to join toughening agent in the system.

flame retardant polyester is modified polyester application great varieties, due to the flow of the polyester machining, electrical insulation, heat resistance and other excellent performance, widely used in electrical, electrical, household appliances industry. These industries have strict requirements on combustion, safety, so the flame retardant polyester becomes an important variety of polyester.

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