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Foam plastic molding method and formula design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Chemistry is in the resin added with chemical foaming agent, foaming agent in the resin injection molding processing temperature after reaching a certain temperature, decomposition of foaming agent produces gas, the gas, which are fixed on the resin foam plastics. Chemical foaming method, the key lies in the decomposition temperature of the foaming agent to match the processing temperature of the resin, the decomposition temperature should be slightly higher than the melting temperature.

mechanical foaming method is also called gas mixed with method, he is a strong mechanical stirring, will be involved in resin emulsion, suspending liquid or air in the solution, and then make the resin curing and the bubbles evenly distributed in the products within the molding method.

synthesize the foaming method is said for PU and thermosetting resin, molding and foam at the same time of foaming method, the foaming method, the synthetic reaction itself can sometimes produce foaming gas, sometimes need to plus foaming agent. Composite foam is add density is very low in resin, hollow microspheres with resin processing injection molding and many holes in the resin to form a forming method of composite foaming method is only suitable for low foaming products, not suitable for high foam products.

physical foaming method is in the resin with low boiling point liquid, with resin after heating, low boiling point liquid began to evaporate and produce gas, and then according to the gas Liquid or gas Solid foam principle of foaming, the foaming method without foaming agent residues. For liquid resin, physical foaming agent, can be added directly for the solid resin, the physical foaming agent to dipping into the solid resin, and then to foam.

foaming agent in the foam formula design is said to form in the plastic bubble pore structure and adding of additives, the way gases, can be divided into two categories: physical foaming agent and chemical foaming agent. Physical foaming agent includes three types: compression of inert gas, soluble easy sublimation volatile liquid, solid, low boiling point of low boiling point volatile liquid is most commonly used. Physical foaming agent by the change of physical state of foaming, and different types of physical state changes to physical foaming agent. After compressed inert gas lift pressure, gas expansion and foaming, soluble solid and low boiling point liquid is produced by absorbing heat sublimation and evaporation and gas, attain the goal of foam.

chemical foaming agent is said when heated in the resin can react and produce at least one kind of the material of the gas. Chemical foaming agent can be divided into two categories, category five foaming agent and foaming agent. Inorganic foaming agent, early use of chemical foaming agent, due to poor compatibility with the resin and low decomposition temperature, decomposition of gas is easy to penetrate the bubble film such as faults and limits the application in plastics processing. Organic foaming agent, is a common type of foaming agent, he good dispersion in the resin, and the advantages of decomposition temperature narrow, is often used by people.

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