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Foamed plastic cost reduction and fiber

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Use of plastic foam can effectively reduce the resin oil content per unit volume, thus greatly reduce the cost of injection molding products processing. Commonly used to reduce the cost of foam for low foaming, and good for the structure of the surface crust foam plastic, this can really reduce plastic products of original performance, reduce the cost and performance and no big loss. Foaming rate is not too big, too big decline in rigidity and hardness of products is too large, affect the use, in general, the relative density of foam products must not be lower than 0. 6.

the tensile properties of the plastic is plastic mechanical properties is very important, is one of the basic performance, he decided to a great extent of the resin applicable occasions, is divided by the main basis of plastics and engineering plastics. Composite and reduce the cost of injection molding processing and coating refers to the low price resin compound or coating or waste plastic products, so as to reduce the cost of a method. Mainly suitable for extrusion products.

increase in fiber material is plastic in the main reinforced material, its dosage can account for more than 90% of the whole reinforced material. Glass fiber is molten glass through the jet orifice with extremely high rate of continuous glass fiber, generally a diameter of 5 - 13 or so. Used as reinforced material two glass fiber, the tensile strength can be to 2000 mpa. Glass fiber is fine, the larger the tensile strength, the length to diameter ratio, the greater the tensile strength is higher. Glass fiber reinforced material, is commonly used in the epoxy resin products are glass fiber reinforced plastic, is a kind of high strength of engineering materials.

carbon fiber points of the structure could be divided into two kinds of graphite fiber and amorphous carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is organic material such as asphalt, rayon, pva, under 300 ℃ in air oxidation, and then high temperature carbonization under inert gas protection is a fiber. Carbonization temperature of 1500 - 2000 when get the amorphous carbon fiber, the carbonization temperature is 2500 - 3000, graphite fiber.

the carbon fiber is a kind of high strength fiber, high-performance tensile strength can reach 3432. Carbon fiber relative density is small, high temperature resistant, radiation protection, water resistance and corrosion resistance is good, is a kind of new high strength reinforced material, the application is very wide, can be used for all thermosetting and thermoplastic resin, just because the price is on the high side, so the application is restricted.

whisker for needle and hair strong crystalline substance, appearance looks like a short and small wire diameter, length to diameter is larger. Because of the whisker is nearly perfect crystallization, is a kind of do not contain the complete crystal lattice defects, diameter and thin, so a high mechanical strength, close to the interatomic force, is a kind of high strength reinforced material, can be used in the manufacture of lightweight high strength reinforced material. Whisker can be used for thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics.

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