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Form of gating system and sprue design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
To facilitate the injection molding processing and condensate stripping, distributary channel set mostly in parting surface. Engineering design, good processing manufaturability often USES the trapezoidal cross-section, and the plastic melt in the heat loss, flow resistance are small. Due to shunt way in contact with the mould of the outer plastic cooling rapidly, only near the center of the plastic melt flow state of ideal, therefore the distributary channel in the surface roughness does not require a very low general selection of 0. 63 - 1. 6, so a bit not smooth surface, help to increase the outer layer of the plastic melt flow resistance. Avoid solution flow slip surface, the center layer has higher shear rate.

injection mold is installed in the injection molding machine use technology and equipment, so the design of injection mold should be detailed understanding of injection molding machine specification, to conform to the requirements of the mould design. The determination of injection molding machine specifications mainly according to the size of the plastic parts and cavity number and arrangement, in determining the mold structure and preliminary estimates under the premise of overall dimensions, design personnel to deal with mold injection quantity, clamping force, rod spacing, injection pressure, maximum and the minimum thickness of the mold, introduced form, launch position, launch schedule, mould opening distance, etc.

distributary channel in the cavity is arranged closely related to the layout of the parting surface, there are many different decorate a form, but should follow the principle of two aspects: on the one hand, compact arrangement, reduce mould board face size; On the other hand process is short, the clamping force balance as far as possible. The mold runner layout is balanced, die setting part and disc closing all open with shunt. The flow form is determined by benzene mould structure form, no other options.

gating system is to guide the plastic melt in injection molding machine nozzle to the mold cavity of the feeding channel, has the function of pressure and heat transfer on mass transfer, and greatly influenced the quality of plastic parts. He divided the common runner gating system and hot runner gating system. Mainstream way is usually located at the center of the mould of plastic melt the entrance, it will melt into distributary channel of injection molding machine nozzle or cavity. The shape of the mainstream way for the cone, in order to facilitate the flow of the melt and mould when the mainstream way setting material pull out smoothly.

mainstream way at the entrance of the small end and injection molding machine nozzle repeated contact, belong to wearing parts, more strict with the material, thus mould mainstream part often designed to remove the replacement of the sprue bushing forms the gate set, in order to effectively use high-quality steel plant processing alone good heat treatment, often using carbon tool steel. Mould should be the mainstream way of setting material pull out, so the cold material hole diameter should be slightly larger than the mainstream way big end diameter.

cap uniform distribution on the circumference of the antiskid straight grain, if made integral die, is ruled by machining methods is difficult, if manufacturing an electrode to antiskid straight grain processing, has a high cost. Overall template with a steel price is expensive, maintenance is not convenient. Therefore, injection molding processing cap circular section if use local embedded concave die. Some problems can be resolved easily. Cap is mass production, molding part chooses steel wear resistance and fatigue resistance should be good; Machining and polishing performance should be good.

because the mould has vertical parting surface side parting, slag hole respectively drive on the left and right valve closing, open mold, to pull the condensate in the mainstream way, the side parting, slag hole in the coagulation and plastics was introduced at the same time, the mould adopts rodless ring groove cold material at the bottom of the hole. When shunt way longer, distributary channel can be end along the flow direction to extend as distributary channel cold material, with cold storage forward, the mould of shunt way slag hole and the flow channel section two: the same mode setting part and clamping part.

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