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Functional additives in polymer materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
As people to reduce the toxicity and environment and the effect of the requirements is increasing day by day, plastic additives are toward high efficiency, low toxicity or non-toxic and environmentally friendly direction. With high polymer material synthesis and joining of technological progress, plastic get extensive application in various fields. Industries of plastic products, the products of the material, the performance requirements of each has its particularity, plastic additives, resin raw materials and injection molding processing machinery together form the three basic elements of plastic processing.

the traditional additives is trying to find new alternatives, single structure corresponds to a single performance, is still the fertilizer research and design of the basic theory of molecular structure, but the compound, molecular quantitative, environmental protection and other new ideas gradually occupied the new thread. A dose of multifunctional reflected at the same time, people will be more attention in the late prophase processing suitability, formula design and recycling and free-pollution disposal issues, which makes the fertilizer research structure is more reasonable, more balanced development. Composite

the purpose is to find a kind of additives to make it have a functional, at the same time meet the needs of a variety of functions. New compound technology is based on the classical theory and applied technology research, will display the synergies or a different function of auxiliary components cooperate together, constitute a complex varieties or masterbatch, no matter for this fertilizer application development or have twice the result with half the effort, composite and technology of high-profile important reasons.

composite additives of including mixed additives and concentrated masterbatch. The former is a mixture of all kinds of additives, the latter is the auxiliary agent and dispersant are attached to the carrier resin at a relatively high concentration, such as processing when diluted multiples. The common characteristics of composite technology is the application of auxiliary easy and convenient. Therefore, compound technology has permeated various fields of plastic additives.

all kinds of the extensive application of synthetic polymer materials products, bring a lot of pressure on the environment to the survival of humans. In recent years, global health, safety and environmental regulations are increasingly strict, require material selection, formula composition, plastic injection molding process to consider environmental factors, such as load. Compared with the early simple compound fertilizer, contemporary auxiliaries compound technology have great leap, association of the function is very key components. The researches on the mechanism of the synergy between its various components and assist the development of effective component will be the key to the development of composite additive technology in the future.

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