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High density polyethylene ( HDPE)

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
High molecular weight result in higher polymer viscosity, but viscosity is related to temperature and shear rate used in the test. Using the rheological or molecular weight measurement of molecular weight of the material were characterized. Usually higher MW to enhance the melt strength, better toughness and ESCR, but higher MW is injection molding process harder or need higher pressure or temperature.

density are the main variables, decided to HDPE feature although it is true that the mentioned four variables influence each other. Homopolymer with high density, good rigidity, good permeability and high melting point, but generally has a poor resistance to environmental stress cracking. ESCR is PE caused by mechanical or chemical stress cracking resistance ability. Higher density generally improved mechanical strength properties. Density of the polymer is mainly affected by monomer to join, but is less affected by the molecular weight. High molecular weight percentage density slightly reduced.

slurry reactor is commonly stirred tank or a more commonly used large loop reactor, in which the mixing slurry can cycle. When the ethylene and monomer and catalyst is a contact, will form the polyethylene particles. After removing the diluent, polyethylene particles or powder was dry and dosage adding additives, will produce the particles. Large reactor with double screw extruder modernized production line, will produce the particles. A large reactor with double screw extruder the modernization of the production line.

the development of new catalyst contribute to improve the performance of the new grade HDPE. Two common kinds of catalyst is Philip chromium oxide catalyst and titanium compounds on the basis of an alkyl aluminum catalyst. Two significantly different molecular weight products series reactor can produce bimodal molecular weight polymer, the polymer molecular weight distribution with full width domain. Various grade HDPE the unique features of the proper combination of four basic variables: density, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution and additive. Different catalyst is used in the production of customized special performance polymers. These variables combine to produce different USES of the HDPE grade; In performance to achieve the best balance.

HDPE is a kind of high crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin. Square one HDPE appearance has milk-white, in a small cross section in a certain degree of translucent. PE has excellent resistance to most of hot sex life and industrial chemical. Some kinds of chemicals can produce chemical etching. The polymer is not hygroscopic and has good water resistant, can be used for packaging purposes. LDPE has very good performance, especially high insulation dielectric strength, make it very suitable for wire and cable. In the level of high molecular weight has the very good impact resistance.

HDPE is a kind of thermoplastic polyolefin produced by ethylene copolymerization. We had launched HDPE, but this kind of plastic haven't reach maturity level. The general material continues to develop its new USES and markets. PE common production method is through the slurry or gas addition method, there are a few in solution phase processing production. All the injection molding process is by vinyl monomer, catalyst system, and various types of hydrocarbon diluent in exothermic reaction. Hydrogen and some of the catalyst is used to control molecular weight. More articles:

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