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HMSPP resin and polypropylene microporous membrane

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
We HMSPP research is still at the starting stage, preparation technology generally adopt after crosslinking or partly crosslinked in the process of machining. Process with organic peroxide crosslinking agent, and polypropylene and polyethylene composite during mixing extrusion process of the crosslinking, material can be used in hot forming, machining all kinds of plastic injection products, used in automobile, home appliances, furniture, and construction industries. A research institute at the end of 2001 for the first time by the method of irradiation branched developed type branched HMSPP, in addition to the melt strength increased by more than 50%, other performance is also improved.

mixed with ordinary polypropylene than pure ordinary polypropylene HMSPP has high processing temperature, and the processing speed, made of thin film transparency is better than ordinary polypropylene. This is mainly because the HMSPP has the characteristics of the tensile strain hardening, it long branches chain has refined the effect of crystal nucleus. HMSPP strain hardening behavior is to achieve high tensile ratio and coating speed of the key factors. Use of HMSPP can obtain higher speed and thinner thickness coated.

HMSPP has high melt strength and elongational viscosity, its tensile viscosity increases with the increase of shear stress and time, the strain hardening behavior prompted bubble hole stable growth, inhibits the destruction of the pore wall, opened up the possibility of polypropylene extrusion foaming. High melt strength polypropylene research though since the late 1980 s, but it's a variety of excellent performance, reasonable price advantages and wide application scope is goods and worldwide recognition, and gradually replace the traditional PS, ABS, to the development trend of engineering plastics, the development and utilization prospect.

polypropylene modification including functional extension. Through the processing technology innovation, can be made into distribution with a diameter of about 0. 5 round hole of the microporous membrane. Its performance is as follows: 1. Appearance: light onto the membrane, will happen as a result of the existence of microporous diffuse to present the appearance of the white opaque. 2. Surface tension is greater than the material cannot pass, but smaller than the material can pass. 3. Can cut off bacteria, colloid particles; It has good acid and alkali; Itself is hydrophobic, after the surface activity processing can convert a hydrophilic; Can be a thermal as PP film laminating, coating and other secondary processing.

HMSPP as raw material, through thermoforming preparation method can have a certain depth of injection molding products processing, extrusion and injection method is used to the preparation of foamed polypropylene, and irradiation crosslinking method is adopted for the first time in domestic, in the absorption of low doses, developed high foaming rate irradiation crosslinking foamed polypropylene, the foaming rate can reach 20 times. HMSPP and irradiation crosslinking foamed polypropylene development to fill the gaps in us in this respect.

crystalline polymer will appear in the process of drawing together to cold drawing phenomenon, then the regularity of the structure are highly, and arrange all crystallite orientation along the stress direction, called recrystallization. Heat treatment was carried out on the crystallization products under the melting point of slow, then small, incomplete microcrystalline melt at lower temperatures, crystal again immediately, so as to adjust the chain segment alignment to crystalline structure homogenization.

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