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Hollow blow molding mold structure

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Yin-yang die successively vacuum molding is also known as concave and convex die successively vacuum forming, first heats plastic fastening on the concave die, plastic board will heater removed after softening, and then through the punch into the compressed air, vacuum and concave die bolstered plastic board, the last punch down inserted into a plastic sheet in the summon and pumping air into vacuum state, die ventilation with compressed air at the same time, make the plastic stick attached to the outer surface of the convex mold and molding, plastic injection molding in such special wall thickness is uniform, suitable for deep cavity plastic forming parts.

residual function is to store manger was sandwiched mouth to remove excess stock, in order to avoid excess stock, caught in the parting surface affect the size and shape of the plastic parts. Excess stock tank is usually set on both sides of the mouth of the clamp billet, excess stock tank should be based on the size of the width and thickness of parison clamping after allowance to determine, the mold can be tightly closed shall prevail. After the mould clamping, cavity closed. In blowing the parison, blowing should be considered when the parison molds in troubleshooting problems of the original gas.

single cavity die vacuum molding, vacuum forming is also called concave die directly or simple and easy molding, the process is sheet holding on the concave die, die holes open a vacuum in the lower cavity, concave die is a vacuum chamber, and into the cavity. Sheet after heat softening, die vacuum, atmospheric pressure and vacuum pressure sheet stretch and clingy on concave model cavity forming, cooling stereotypes, blow gas stripper, the dressing for a quick parts.

if the venting is not good will appear on the surface of the plastic markings, hemp, and the forming defects such as incomplete. Blow molding mold, therefore, should set up a certain number of vent. General open vent in the cavity of the pits, sharp corners, and finally stick mold, the diameter of the vent usually take 0. 5 - 1 mm, in addition, the opening width of 10 - in parting surface 20 mm, the depth of 0. 03 - 0. 05 mm exhaust slot is also the main method of exhaust.

vacuum forming often called blister, is a kind of plastic processing technology, the main principle is to flat heat soft plastic plate material, adopts the vacuum adsorption on surface of mould, cooling after forming, is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries. Vacuum forming is widely used to produce plastic ceiling decoration materials, washing machines and refrigerators shell, motor shell, art and articles for daily use. Vacuum forming can be divided into ChanYang vacuum forming mould, single cavity die vacuum forming, Yin and Yang model has several forms vacuum molding.

blowing mold is usually to open, for large extrusion blow molding mold or continuous automatic production of injection moulding mold is to set up the cooling water channel, used for mould cooling. Clip billet mouth, also known as the incision in the process of the extrusion blow molding, injection molding processing mould needs to be at the same time in the closed excess stock parison sealing for removal, so in the mold of billet mouth to set up the corresponding parts. Such as blow molding gallon barrels, upper and hand, at the bottom of the bottom of the plastic bottles and upper thread, etc. , are to make a narrow on the mould of billet mouth, so that the excessive parison resection.

ChanYang vacuum forming mould is also called the punch vacuum forming, vacuum forming or vacuum forming. Its technological process is plastic sheet with clamp frame clamping after heating, vacuum holes on the convex model, sheet after softening, clamp down or punch up, make the sheet is stretched, to clamp box after contact with the punch surrounding and sealing, punch, vacuum pressure errand sheet on the punch forming on the surface. After cooling to finalize the design, blow mould and get the parts after finishing.

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