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Hollow blow molding products

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In terms of size control, extrusion blow molding than less restricted injection molding processing, blow molding and injection more restricted. Extrusion blow molding is usually suitable for container volume is greater than 250 ml. Less than 200 ml container, with injection blow molding is more economic. Large blow molding containers is the advantage of the extrusion blow molding process, the largest capacity can reach 10000 l. Extrusion blow molding thickness variability is large, can shape of wall thickness is small products, big ideal average wall thickness of 3 - container 4mm。

the parison within the cavity, through the axial tensile mechanical method, reoccupy radial blowing compressed air, this method is called biaxially oriented blow molding, or stretch blow molding. This technology in reducing the container wall thickness at the same time, can improve the mechanical properties, permeability performance of container and transparency, the disadvantage is that raw material is limited to a few varieties to choose from. Blow molding technology has developed many new technology, which can produce the arms of 2 d and 3 d parts, double layer or multilayer, different color different components and hollow with foam components products, to meet the needs of the various functional.

unlike packaging container, blow molding parts are using extrusion blow molding industry. To expand the application field developed a special process, many new shape flat wide, flat shape stamping multiple arms. Other products include 2 d or 3 d bent pipe, two components were out of control, and the lateral recess or protruding parts of the industrial parts. The tack - Offs structure can be formed with a convex sets and holes of blow molding products.

by the principle of molding process, molding process and molding process is very different, blow molding process is the parison by blowing, stretching to stick to the mould wall, for the products of the specific shape. And injection molding process is depend on the melt flow under the high injection pressure is full of mold parts, obtain the final product. Compared to blow molding technology and injection molding process, therefore, difficult to produce complex structure and fine products, product accuracy is not high, low surface performance, shape is relatively simple, quite gentle appearance changes.

blow molding is a low pressure molding process, products, residual stress caused by the process of warping and shrinkage cavity quality problems, such as almost non-existent. Geometry according to requirements of the blow molding products and aesthetic needs. In terms of container, round, oval, globose, rectangle, and the lack of shapes of rules in the shape of the opposite sex. Design principle is not the sort of extreme from the parison to the shape of the molding, or deviation from the center of the parison products, don't designed water chestnut, because it can cause products wall thickness is not easy to control, easy to cause the product deformation.

production containers and hollow products method is not the most commonly used molding injection molding processing, but is based on a glass blowing process of the thermoplastic plastic blow molding process. The forming process is that, by extrusion or injection method of parison, put in the mold under high elastic state, the compressed air is piped in, make it to the mold cavity wall extension, expansion, thus achieved in conformity with the cavity shape and surface characteristics of blow molding products. Because of the different type billet manufacturing method, blow molding process can be divided into two major categories of extrusion blow molding and injection molding.

as a container, usually use round, wall thickness is uniform, and the four corners area of the rectangle, square products will become the most thin wall thickness. From process perspective, injection blow molding can blow molding bottleneck internal or external relatively complex shapes, shape and extrusion blow molding products is relatively simple, but the extrusion blow molding machine can produce hollow handle a whole container, and injection blow molding is not.

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