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Hot melt welding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
With more complicated wing welded on the surface of the injection molding processing parts, hot plate shape and can be used for welding surface shape matching of the opposite sex hot plate welding. Another advantage of this process can be on the same device to realize the welding of 2 or more parts. Is the deficiency of hot plate welding welding cycle is long, small parts need to be 10 - 20 s, large size of the parts need several minutes or longer. Welding pressure, promote the diffusion, plastic macromolecular residual gas in the discharge welding, make the melt filling gaps.

in most cases, depending on the welding process and welding surface material performance factors, such as design of welding face or flat and parallel processing. Joint on the design criteria, can ask material producers or welding equipment manufacturers. Hot gas welding often use manual operation, the operator hand torch and electrode, and using the torch overflowing stream increases the temperature of the welding and the electrode, soften when the electrode is tacky, has not yet been fully melts, the viscous state under a certain pressure, electrode and the matrix fused together, formation of weld after cooling.

hot plate welding method is simple, high welding strength, widely applicable. Who can melt until heated to a definite temperature and not easy to decompose polymers are hot plate welding method can be used. Use of temperature control, respectively, double hot plate welding machine can also be used to achieve two kinds of similar properties is the welding between different materials. The thickness of the hot plate welding for welding part is not less than 2 mm. Hot plate welding is often used for various size the welding of pipes, plates, profiles and hollow parts, this time using the hot plate to plate hot plate.

common electrode is circular cross section, about 3 mm in diameter, best electrode material is the same as the parent material. Hot air is processed compressed air with water and oil separator. If the welding material for the oxygen in air is more sensitive, can be used after preheating of the inert gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Must pay attention to during the process of operation according to the material properties and the thickness of the parts, the control air temperature, air flow rate and welding speed, welding Angle.

in the cross section of the welding quality will also depend on factors such as form, the size of the welding rod, welding torch nozzle size. Hot gas welding can be PVC, polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS, pp, nylon and other thermoplastic materials. Lies the main advantage of this method in the welding of large, complex parts, but the welding speed is slow, the operation cycle is long, is not suitable for mass production, and the welding quality is more dependent on the welder operation skills.

hot melt welding, welding for short, is the use of thermoplastics under hot molten state, molecular chain segments can flow freely, easy to achieve between molecules rearrange this characteristic, to realize the connection between the injection tooling parts. Welding temperature is the main factors influencing the welding quality. There are many ways to realize welding different welding method to generate heat in different ways. The choice of welding method depends on the types of materials, structural requirements, aesthetic requirements, shape, dimension and tolerance requirements, as well as technical and economic factors and so on.

will be equipped with a built-in heater heating plate on welding between two welding parts, will be in the form of heat conduction heat transfer to the welding surface, for welding surface achieve melting point above a given temperature, take out hot plate, the welding surface under controlled pressure glue, curing and cooling, a process which is the hot plate welding. In addition, hot plate welding also some use of non-contact radiation heating welding process.

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