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Hydraulic or pneumatic parting core-pulling

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Bent pin parting core-pulling mechanism of its principle and the inclined guide pillar parting core-pulling mechanism, the difference is that with rectangular cross section bending pin instead of the inclined guide pillar, this structure has the advantage of oblique Angle can be larger, that is in the same mould can be bigger than the inclined guide pillar of pull. General bending pin more in the mold, can reduce the template area, so as to reduce the injection molding processing mould weight. When designing bending pin parting core-pulling mechanism, the bent pin with the thumb hole bigger gap between general at 0. About 5 mm, otherwise can happen when the latch jammed phenomenon. The strength of the support block and the bent pin also must according to the size of the pull force.

hydraulic parting core-pulling mechanism with a smooth transmission, pull force big, the core pulling distance long wait for an advantage, but there is no such general injection molding machine in the device, and thus less application. Side core in the mold, the use of cylinder pressure so that side before the mold core is moving, and then open mold. This structure without locking device, so the side port must be a hole that has no back side core force, or cores under pressure is small, the cylinder pressure can make the side lock.

limit stop, spring and screw to keep slide block core pulling after the final position, guarantee the accuracy of the clamping inclined guide pillar can enter the slider of the inclined hole, make the slider back in shape. When molding, because the side core is the role of the molding pressure and make the slider to produce displacement, so using compression molding position to ensure that the slider. Inclined guide pillar core-pulling there are three basic forms: direction core-pulling direction and open mold of the vertical direction, core pulling of bias Angle of dynamic model, the core pulling direction to die Angle.

have a locking device of hydraulic parting core-pulling mechanism, side core in moving die and mould, first by hydraulic out side the core, and then out of the parts. After ejection system reset, side core reset again, hydraulic core-pulling can control the movement of the core alone, not affected by open mould time and out time. The structure of the hydraulic pump long core, because use the hydraulic core-pulling, so avoid using disc clamping combinations, the mold structure is simplified. When the long side core and pull distance is large, with inclined guide pillar core-pulling mechanism is not appropriate, with hydraulic core-pulling mechanism is better, because the pull force of hydraulic core-pulling large, smooth transmission.

there are two big parts and long core, adopts hydraulic core-pulling structure, the structure of two side core pull order and reset sequence must be good control, otherwise may make the core damage. Motor side parting core-pulling mechanism relies on injection mould force when open mold, through the extract activity core transmission parts. Motor side parting core-pulling mechanism has the advantage of pull force is big, high production efficiency, convenient operation, reliable operation, easy to realize automation. His drawback is that the mould structure is complex, manufacturing is more difficult, the molding cycle is long, but the core-pulling mechanism reasonable economy, so widely used in the production.

when parts subject to the conditions of structure shape or production batch is small, can take the mold manual parting core-pulling mechanism, the structure to a convenient, reliable positioning, prevent automatically. the displacement in the forming process, so as not to affect the size precision of parts. Core activities rely on hydraulic system or pressure system. Modern new injection molding machine itself with the core pulling device, use rise more convenient.

inclined guide pillar parting core-pulling mechanism is a common parting core-pulling mechanism, it has disadvantages, such as simple structure, easy manufacturing, safe and reliable. Inclined guide pillar and fixed on the fixed template, the slider can move within the dynamic template guide, side core pin on the slide block. Open mold, mold force through the inclined guide pillar on the slider, forcing the slider move within a dynamic template guide to left, complete the core-pulling motions, injection molding processing parts by ejection tube cavity.

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