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Large, micro injection molding processing and molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Material composition and the ratio of the component parts have some impact on the performance of products, as the main component of polymer to dominate effect on product performance. Institution of plastic materials and components determine the nature of her, and performance. Under the effect of temperature and pressure can be molten plastic, via the mold into a certain shape, after cooling at room temperature keep its shape and become a injection molding products processing plants. Plastic, rubber and synthetic fibers are collectively referred to as the three synthetic materials, it is widely used plastic.

the overall structure of the large-scale injection mold and general injection mold is the same, but due to large size parts, so the mould gating system design should pass strict optimization analysis, to determine the best way to melt molding. Besides rigidity of large injection mold is a key problem of mold design, and manufacture of large injection mold needs corresponding large manufacturing equipment.

plastic is the high polymer as the main ingredients and can flow in a stage of processing to finished product molding material, can also be thought to be resin as the main ingredient, additive, can flow in the processing process molding material. Usually doesn't contain fiber, coating and adhesive. Usually consists of two basic materials: plastic material is a kind of matrix material is resin, the other is a auxiliary material additives.

micro injection molding is refers to the injection molding micro parts of an injection molding process. This process is the most important characteristics of the forming parts size is small, so its dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirement is quite high. And injection molding process parameters to precise control, in order to prevent melt is inaccurate, sticky mold parts etc. Bad phenomenon. The overall structure of the micro injection mold and general injection mold are basically the same. Due to the smaller parts, so type micro injection mold size, compact structure, in the design of the mould should fully consider the strength of the mold, and mold cavity processing manufacturability problems.

in today's market demands many varieties, small batch, and general mold design and manufacturing cycle is longer, so can use some simple injection mold to produce a certain number of parts. This method is especially applicable to the manufacture, not fully or small batch production. Simple injection molding process is generally used in the mold structure design and mould material used. Molding process parameters generally refer to common injection molding process parameters. With simple injection mold, so the adjustment of injection molding process parameters, also consider the mould capacity.

when the molding parts size is large enough, you need to employ large injection molding process. Due to large size parts, stamping molding shrinkage so volatile, parts are greatly influenced by the injection molding process, if the improper control, tend to form the parts inaccurate buckling deformation, size, thickness is not uniform, such as lack of material defects. So large parts of the injection molding process is relatively general injection molding process, more attention should be paid to the stability of the injection molding process of accurate control, and ensure the melt molding shape rationally. Large-scale injection molding process is often used in automobile, refrigerator parts, covering parts manufacturing of large turnover box, etc.

easy forming parts of injection parts molding processing of non-metallic materials, such as epoxy resin, zinc aluminum alloy and other low melting point metal materials with the method of casting or casting, so for some occasions molding production can greatly reduce the mould cost. Scorim injection molding is a kind of control by eliminating weld mark, fiber orientation to improve strength of fabrication methods. A typical injection molding machine with a special head will flow into the mold of the melt is divided into two parts. The holding stage, driven by two hydraulic cylinder alternately above and below the nose of the pistons, first from one direction, and then from another direction to press the material into a mold. It makes fiber were straight, in addition to the weld mark, and lead to an orientation of liquid crystal polymer molecules.

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