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Lignin and complex coupling agent

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Lignin from industrial papermaking wastewater, lignin is a kind of phenyl propane monomer as skeleton, with reticular structure of amorphous powder, is a kind of containing hydroxyl, methoxy, and other active group of organic compounds, easy to react with inorganic fillers and rubber, which makes between lignin and lignin molecules when hydroxyl methyl sulfide further condensation, lignin resin network formation, network of reactive and rubber reaction, make lignin resin and rubber network to form a whole, constitute a dual mesh structure, so that the reinforcing effect of greatly improved. Due to the particularity of lignin chemical structure, it can not only have alkoxy hydrolysis, as well as the reactivity of organic groups. Therefore also plays a bridge between rubber and inorganic filler.

, because of the large specific surface area of nano calcium carbonate particles and organic resin matrix between the good interface bonding force, can form a network structure in paint dry quickly, at the same time gap exists between large particles and film packing, can reduce capillary effect, so as to improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance of the coating properties, therefore, is applied to nanometer calcium titanate coating has become one of hotspots in the field of nanometer materials today, at the same time also to widen the application field of nanometer calcium carbonate plays a very important role, on the one hand, due to the inertia of nanometer calcium carbonate is hydrophilic powder, the surface does not exist with resin chemical combination such as the function of active group; Ultra-micronization model. the corresponding particles, on the other hand, increasing the surface energy, thereby increasing the nanoparticles agglomeration generated the possibility of secondary structure, increase the dispersion of nano calcium titanate in kicked the difficulty.

so must correspondingly of nanometer calcium carbonate surface activation treatment, lower surface energy and increase the surface active groups, improve and organic resin matrix interface wettability, strengthen the interaction with injection molding processing of resin matrix, to improve the dispersion, to improve the performance of coatings.

a professor put forward before, titanate coupling agent and inorganic filler is titanate Ti in the champions league to provide space Sp3d2 hybrid orbitals, and filler surface coordination chemistry provides the lone pair electrons. They use X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and reflection to absorb ultraviolet spectrum, titanate coupling agent is studied and the interaction between calcium carbonate and silica filler. Studied by spectrophotometry, the dynamics of titanate coupling agent treatment packing process. So for the coupling mechanism of titanate coupling agent research still have very important significance.

a: titanate coupling agent in the application of inorganic filler, click directly.
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