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Liquid injection molding processing and molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Compared with the plastic reinforcing fiber, liquid crystal polymer viscosity is low, so can use complex flow forming thin-walled parts injection molding plant. But the material must make when forming the flow of the melt in the cavity direction of liquid crystal polymer fiber orientation, developed specifically for this reverse flow injection molding technology. Reverse flow injection molding is by an electronic control device of the nozzle injection molding machine to match the mold for molding. Injection molding machine perpendicular arrangement of main injection device and deputy injection device respectively with the feed port and discharging port on the mould.

will melt from the storage container first mixed pump into the head of the mixing chamber in the mix, and then the injection mold cavity, and the heating and curing. The melt is a thermosetting plastic, such as epoxy resin, low viscosity of silicone rubber, etc. In order to cure within the cavity, match the injection cycle for curing speed. Raw materials do not generate by-products such as gas and water, make the liquid raw material price is generally used in the injection molding resin much more expensive.

reaction injection molding belongs to a kind of thermosetting plastic injection mold, the structure and the general thermosetting plastic injection mold. When the design, but also significant chemical reaction will happen in the cavity, so to the forming surface of special design, also consider the mold venting design. In order to substitute parts for light metal alloy material parts and developed a kind of liquid crystal polymer injection molding material. This kind of liquid crystal polymer rod molecules present a special chemical structure, its quality than light, light metal and components of the fiber material strength close to the light metal.

liquid injection molding machine can be thought of as a generalized mixed injection molding machine. The main part of the equipment by the feeding section, quantitative and plastic injection parts, mixed and nozzle parts. Feeding part by raw material tank and raw material, pressurized cylinder, and curing agent through the inlet valve to quantitative injection device. Quantitative injection device by two reciprocating type of pump and injection molding steel. As main ingredient and curing agent into quantitative pump, then through the outlet valve and check valve pump into the premixer device, and then under the effect of injection cylinder, the drive screw or plunger pressurize the mixture material, and after a premixed, static mixer and switch type nozzle injection mold cavity.

mixing device consists of a cylinder and static mixer. After the melt filled cavity, mold heating, in turn, will melt solidification molding. Static injection mold and general thermosetting plastic injection mold basic same, is a kind of thermosetting plastic injection mold. At the end of the plastic injection molding, need to heating mould, make the liquid solidification. The essence of the reaction injection molding is the two kind of liquid to react to mixed injection, and in the mold of a method of curing reactions.

in order to keep the length of the glass fiber, precise measurement stability plasticizing system pressure, often with deep screw groove of compression screw, and the cylinder head is equipped with needle valve of backflow prevention. For BMC molding must pay attention to material flow route, port structure, size and consider smaller resistance or no dead Angle, to prevent the occurrence of product material flow difficulties or material. BMC injection mold belongs to a kind of thermosetting plastic injection mold, the structure design is the same as the general thermosetting plastic injection mold. It is important to note that the temperature of the BMC injection mold in injection molding should be heated to 140 ℃ 170 ℃, using circulating liquid heating.

reaction injection molding are general supply system includes two sets of liquid and liquid pumping, mixing and injection system. Reaction can be used for injection molding foam and enhanced product parts, with reaction can also injection molding glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam parts. Reaction injection molding machine can be thought of as a generalized mixed injection molding processing machine. The requirement to the reaction injection molding machine are: flow and mixed ratio should be accurate; Can rapid heating or cooling materials, save energy.

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