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Low foaming processing injection molding mold design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Double injection method was originally developed in order to be able to closed electromagnetic wave of conductive plastic parts, the outer layer using common plastic parts, injection tooling closed electromagnetic wave effect, the inner conductive plastic, conductive role. However, double injection molding method, immediately brought to the attention of the auto industry, it is because it can be used to all sorts of adornment with soft surface molding automobile and external components, such as buffer. In recent years, in the bilateral and double color injection molding plastic parts on the basis of increasing varieties and quantities, three color even multi-color pattern emerged such as new co-injection molding process.

low foam injection mold runner design had a great influence on the quality of plastic, especially in plastic parts for imitation wood grain. The location of the gate, with the number and colorant is closely related to the formation of wood grain. Low foaming molding with the decomposition of foaming agent produces a large amount of gas, so you have to open the exhaust slot, smooth cavity gas physical eduction. The parting surface material flow and material flow convergence place at the end of the exhaust slot depth of 0. 1 - 0. Fortress of 2 mm, deep in the cavity exhaust vent groove width slit desirable 0. 15 - 0. 25mm。

double injection molding can use different between the old and the new one and the same kind of plastic molding plastic parts with new properties of the plastic parts. Usually this kind of plastic parts inside is old material, appearance of new materials, and ensure that there is a certain thickness, so that the impact strength and bending strength of plastic and almost all use new material molding plastic parts are the same. In addition, also can use different color or different performance by combining varieties of plastics, and has some advantages of plastic parts.

though due to low foam on the surface of the plastic injection molding is tough, but inside is bubble hole shape of the elastomer, so putting the launch of the area is too small easy to damage to the plastic, therefore, when designing the push rod, its diameter should be molding putts 20% larger than normal 30%. For large plastic parts, also can use compressed air to launch. Double color injection molding equipment comes in two forms. One is two injection system and two vice mould share a same clamping system, another kind of form are the two share a nozzle injection system.

low foaming molding is carried out under the condition of the injection pressure is not big, so the mold does not require a high mechanical strength, its molding parts can be made of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy etc. Use two or more than two injection system of injection molding machine, different species or different color plastic simultaneously or successively into the mold cavity of the injection molding method, called the co-injection molding. The molding method can produce a variety of color or a variety of plastic composite plastics, says multi-color injection molding machine of co-injection molding with injection molding machine.

low foaming molding die structure with ordinary injection molding processing die same. Due to the high pressure low foaming auxiliary to take when injection molding mould, therefore should be used when in the structural design and reliable auxiliary mould mechanism. Foamed plastics slower cooling rate, when the mainstream way longer, heat melt easily in the mainstream way of the gate of accumulation, in the gate of the outer wall can open cooling water channel. The size of the shunt way to larger than normal plastic injection molding and some short, to avoid the plastic melt in the mold filling before the bubble.

double injection molding, a screw will be the first plastic injection into the mold cavity, when the injection mold cavity plastic parts in contact with the cavity wall table start curing, and the internal is still in the molten state, another screw will be the second plastic injection into the mold cavity, after injection of plastics constantly put before a push in the direction of the molding table wall, and its itself holds the ultimate love you part of the mold cavity, cooling stereotypes, can get into the first after the outer layer of the plastic material, injection plastic material of inner coating plastic parts.

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