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Low pressure injection molding processing and molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
From the mold injection molding processing plant is stranded in the pore with core parts, so it should be stored in oil tank of 150 ℃ in the melt fusible core. If the only oil as a heat source, the low melting point alloy molten core for a long time, will lead to a larger parts deformation and shrinkage. In order to shorten the melting time, often used oil and heating of the induction heating coil at the same time. First by the induction heating the fusible core melt, from inside to outside by heating to remove residual oil inside alloy on the surface of the skin layer. Heating oil using water soluble glycol, parts and easy to clean.

in order to reduce formed from shrinkage difference and deformation of the parts, must be within the melt in the mold cooling evenly. Therefore need to high-speed injection melt in a short period of time required for fill in the mold cavity. Another effect of high speed injection molding is melt through the nozzle and sprue shear heat to lower the melt viscosity, when the melt with high temperature, low viscosity state into the cavity, the flow pressure loss is reduced, and form a very thin layer of the epidermis. This layer of skin is made from hot melt formed by the cooling and solidification of mould surface contact.

for some complex shape of the 3 d bend tube shape parts can't use the side core-pulling mechanism core-pulling, divide them into two and a half piece, after forming again together. Parts made this way, poor sealing. Due to this kind of tubular parts in its usage is increasing in the car, pipes, and thus introduce similar in injection molding injection molding technology of paraffin wax casting molten core. Molten core melting point temperature at 70 ℃ - commonly used materials 240 ℃ within the scope of the low melting point alloy, melting core need special casting mould core, and then put the core like insert into molding in the injection mold.

high speed injection form a very thin skin, increase the effective area of plastic flow, so that the low pressure injection molding. Due to the basic principle of low pressure injection molding is the same as the general injection molding, so the low pressure injection molding mold structure with ordinary injection molding mold structure are exactly the same. Due to the low pressure injection molding with low pressure molding, don't appear peak pressure, prevent fine small core of broken or damaged, to improve the service life of mould.

because of the low pressure injection molding less wear and tear on the mold, the mold temperature control and exhaust request is not high, can be adopted by simple injection mold of zinc, aluminum alloy materials, which can not only reduce the production cost, also can quickly small batch production of precision parts, so as to adapt to many varieties, small batch production demand. Made of plastic magnet ferrite and rare-earth materials, need injection molding in the magnetic field.

in order to control the residual stress formed in the process of filling parts, limit deformation of the parts in the smallest range, low pressure injection molding filling with the minimum pressure required for molding parts, and make the filling pressure constant. So that we can reduce the melt in the cavity pressure, melt pressure distribution more uniform, also make the melt flow orientation to a minimum. If use still use low speed after low pressure molding, due to the filling time lag between beginning and end of the filling and appear shrinkage rate differences.

in the injection molding processing, first magnetic field, and to be magnetic field into a stable state after injection. When the holding after a period of time, the magnetic suspension. At the beginning of cooling degaussing state formation at the same time, the degaussing state also disappear after cooling. Finally can open mold to take out the magnetic parts. Magnetic mold is the important role of effective make directional magnetic powder. In order to form a magnetic field in the mould, the strong magnetic steel and non-magnetic steel together.

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