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Nano powder/fiber powder

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Ultrafine technology of inorganic powders derived two branches, one is the nano inorganic powder particle size, the second is inorganic powder to enhance fiber direction. Nanotechnology to make inorganic nano powder is to become a reality, all kinds of nano inorganic powder/polymer composite materials research results of nano inorganic powder into the functional additives, and is no longer just the ultrafine inorganic filler.

elements due to its special outer shell structure, allowing the compounds with optical, electrical, magnetic and interface effect, shielding effect and special functions, such as chemical active sex, was successfully used to produce light, electricity, magnetic materials, catalysts, etc. Rare earth elements was introduced into the structure of polymer additives, additives of great changes have taken place.

halogen-free flame retardants mainly have hydrated metal oxides and phosphorus compounds, etc. , in general, compared with phosphorus-containing flame retardants, halogen-free flame retardants for flame retardant resin base material is the basic physical and mechanical properties of degradation is bigger, so improving the compatibility of halogen-free flame retardants and flame retardant resin base material, improve the stability of their own halogen-free flame retardants such as resistance to hydrolysis stability, thermal decomposition temperature, it is very important.

consumption of magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide as the largest halogen-free flame retardants, such as surfactant modification of inorganic flame retardants, the uniformity of dispersion directly affect the performance of flame retardant materials. Because flame retardant effect comes from the high temperature magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide dehydrated and formed in the polymer surface barrier layer to slow burning. Real reduction and nanometer magnesium hydroxide flame retardant can be used in keeping the flame retardant effect under the premise of improve flame retardant material performance.

the rare earth compound as crystal modifier of PP, LLDPE rheological modifier and inorganic particles has unique features in such aspects as surface treatment agent. Using the fluorescence properties of rare earth compounds have also been luminous plastic, and the use of rare earth magnetic materials magnetic plastics, by the light conversion properties of rare earth compounds produced luminous plastic, and so on. The light rare earth compounds combined with traditional halogen free flame retardants, development of halogen-free flame retardants, rare earth can satisfy the requirement of flame retardant performance in at the same time, improve the comprehensive performance of flame retardant materials, the traditional inorganic non halogen flame retardant of the service degradation are the disadvantages of flame retardant base material physical and mechanical properties.

plastic injection tooling use antibacterial agent can print on the surface of the bacteria multiply, to prevent the cross infection of the body. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard and health consciousness enhancement, the application of antibacterial agent to develop antibacterial material and antibacterial products more and more. Plastic antibacterial agent with high efficiency, wide range of antibacterial properties, of products and the environment pollution-free, with plastic compatilizer.

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