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New type of high temperature resistant flame retardant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
High temperature resistant flame retardant more and more important in People's Daily life. Low hydrated zinc borate insoluble in water and general organic solvent, can dissolve in ammonia and become complex. Low hydrated zinc borate refractive index similar to general polymer, can keep the original and add it to the polymer resin transparency. The goods dehydration temperature above 300 ℃, far higher than that of general polymer injection processing temperature, very suitable for polymer flame retardant and smoke suppression.

low hydrated zinc borate ruling, cheap, without excitant, dehydration, high temperature, flame retardant. With polymer processing does not affect its mechanical strength, elongation, heat aging resistance, etc. It can promote the polymer in high temperature carbonization, make the polymer surface to form a layer of mucous layer and reduce the flame, prevent the lower polymer carbide. In the silicone rubber and cable materials containing silicon polymer single low hydrated zinc borate itself is a kind of excellent flame retardant smoke suppression agents. He released boric acid ions on metal surface adsorption on the surface of the metal ferrous ions, under the action of oxygen in the air oxidation iron ion, and boric acid ions generated insoluble compound salt membrane stability, dense, passivation, to prevent metal to rust.

add nano low hydrated zinc borate, after the plastic can improve the tensile strength of the composite material, increase the composite material with notch or without notch impact strength, and increase its ability to resist ultraviolet ray and aging. Low hydrated zinc borate nanoparticles have better flame retardant effect, is widely used in modified plastic handle, high strength composite materials, can make the refrigerator food antimicrobial preservation, has greatly prolong food storage time.

PET, PEN is a common polyester, widely used in synthetic fibre and engineering plastic raw materials, but due to the flammability of polyester materials, their application is limited by certain. The approach is to solve the problem of the flame retardant modification of polyester. DDP is one of a new type of copolymerization type flame retardant polyester. Structured by direct esterification process of DDP and DDP copolymerization, can improve the flame retardancy of polyester, and keep the original polyester mechanical processing performance, thus it has broad application prospects. In addition, usually as a result of the polyester spinning temperature higher than 290 ℃, under this temperature, a lot of flame retardants will decompose, loss of flame retardant properties, thus an increasing emphasis on the thermal stability of flame retardants.

the synthesis of new type flame retardant DDP, it is easy to operation, suitable for application in industrial production. Synthetic method has high yield, because of the synthesis method used in solvent quantity is big, and larger o-xylene toxic and flammable and explosive, and the price is higher, if applied to the injection molding processing industry production, from the operating personnel's health and safety and production costs. DDP has high decomposition temperature, and at 523 ℃, and its decomposition residual amount to 50%, has the high carbonization.

a: MZY solid synthesis and application of flame retardant, click directly.
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