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Nylon alloy

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Nylon alloying is nylon as the main body, other polymers by blending into the mixing of multicomponent polymer systems. Nylon with a lot of the compatibility of polymer is poor, not injection molding processing products of excellent performance, due to the reactive solubilization technology and the development and application of the compatibilizer, made of nylon and other polymer compatibility problem is resolved, greatly promoted the development of the nylon alloy. At present in the polymer alloy, nylon alloy are the main, breed is also very important.

the world automobile lightweight, miniaturization, provide broad market for PA alloy, with auto intake pipe plastic into a symbol, molten core method, practical study. this method injection molding technology, and promote the application of PA alloy. Nylon alloy specialty has become the mainstream in the application of engineering plastics. Development of high performance functional nylon alloy is the main direction of high performance processing for high polymer material research. Nanometer nylon alloy as a new type of material will be widely applied. Nano technology, molecular composite technology, nuclear - Shell toughening technology and compatibility technology, will get a better application and improvement.

to improve PA resistance and abrasion resistance. Such as PA/PBT and PA/PTFE, PA excellent wear resistance. Improve the resistance to impact the PA. PA improved toughness at low temperature, can be done by PE, POE and multivariate composite. Improve the rigid PA. PA higher bending strength and modulus, but still cannot meet the requirements of certain USES, with PPTA, half aromatic PA, cause the liquid crystal polymer blend, but high rigid PA high strength alloy is prepared.

in alloy preparation technology, developed a large number of reactive solubilizer and reactive compatibilizer, solve the problem of nylon alloy key. At the same time blending modification of equipment such as double screw extrusion machine manufacturing technology matures, for industrialization of modified polymer blending provides a material basis. Polymer blending modification of industrialization has become a new polymer material industry. During this period, the PA toughening theory by qualitative description to quantitative analysis of nanometer composite technology used in PA alloy, the application of the reactive extrusion blending technology, make the high performance PA alloy products are available.

nylon alloy has grown to hundreds of varieties, in numerous nylon alloy, PA6 and PA66 is a wide variety of alloys, breed is also very important. Polymer blending modification technology industrialization began in the 1940 s, 70 - In the 80 s is nylon alloy development and application development. During this period, polymer blending modification theory and technology has been developed rapidly, in terms of toughening mechanism, on the basis of traditional theory, put forward the silver lines - Shear zone theory, in the 1980 s produced the cavity theory, organic rigid particles toughening mechanism. Polymer alloy microstructure, compatibility evaluation characteristics analysis, mechanical performance evaluation obtained many important results, powerfully promote the development of the alloy technology.

improve the heat resistance of PA. A striking example is PA66 / PPO alloy, PA66/6 t alloy series. PPO and PA66 blends, greatly improving the heat resistance and dimensional stability of PA66. Outside of the titanium alloy instead of steel for car guard plate materials and wheel cover, can automatically sintering coating. PA66/6 t alloy can be long-term work under 200 ℃. Add polyolefin in PA, effectively reduce the hygroscopicity of PA, enhances the stability of the dimensions of the injection molding processing products.

nylon is strong between polar molecules can form hydrogen bonding, and have certain crystalline polymer reactivity. Nylon has the advantages of vicious accidentally, such as excellent mechanical properties, resistance to wear, since the embellish sex, corrosion resistance and processability. However, nylon water imbibition is big, affects the dimensional stability and performance of products, its heat resistance and impact resistance at low temperature may increase. So the nylon alloying is justified.

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