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Nylon alloy control factors of production

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
As a result of the blending system performance and processing performance of different components, the control in the process of production factors on the degree of the influence of the injection molding processing products performance will vary. Therefore, in the process of production for different system of different control conditions were determined. The structure and characteristics of compatilizer are the basic conditions for its compatibility effect. Compatibility of quality is the key factor for preparation of high performance alloys. Choose the appropriate compatilizer are important steps in the process of alloy.

compatilizer of relative molecular mass should be less than the relative molecular mass of blending component, appropriate for easy to flow in the process of melt blending and scattered. Compatilizer content of polar group, is beneficial to increase the reaction probability and mixed components, to improve the compatibility effect. In the process of nylon alloy production, must pay attention to adjust and control the factors affecting alloy performance and quality. For different alloy system and its controlling factors is not exactly the same.

compatilizer structure is also reflected in polar groups on the main chain or on the branched chain. In general, formed by copolymerization between monomer with polar group of compatibilizer, the polar groups on the main chain. By the monomer and the polymer with polar group is formed by graft copolymerization compatilizer, its polar groups on the side chain or side chain. The two polar groups of the reactivity of the copolymer is not the same.

in the chemical activity of the polar groups on the branched chain on main chain groups, of course this was also associated with nylon macromolecular chain structure. All in all, compatibilizer structure is the chemical activity of the polar group in the compatilizer, key elements are compatible. Compatilizer of polar groups in the macromolecular chain end groups with nylon reactivity is not only related to the compatilizer itself structure, are also associated with nylon molecular structure, also with the molten state, screw shearing action and injection molding processing and residence time of material in the screw, so compatibility effect for different blending system, and should be specific to determine by experiment.

for non-polar polymer with polyolefin-g-mah/nylon alloy, its structure characteristics of the compatilizer should be with nylon molecules in the chain reaction of end group of polar group, at the same time with nonpolar polymer has good capacity, such as graft copolymer. For polar polymer and polyolefin-g-mah/nylon alloy, appropriate chooses monomer copolymer as a compatibilizer. This kind of compatilizer and mixed component has a certain compatibility, as well as mixed components react together.

to investigate the influence factors of compatilizer, compatible with the main consideration compatilizer of molecular structure, functional group content and compatibility of compatilizer, compatibilizer and HunGeJin morphological structure and so on three aspects. Compatible with the compatilizer structure. The compatibilizing effect of compatilizer containing different polar functional groups are different. The polarity of different functional groups with nylon macromolecular chain end the reactivity of different, in the process of blending, the degree of reaction between different. Compatilizer molecules containing functional groups in the polarity of the higher, the greater the reactivity of macromolecular chain end groups with nylon, its compatibility is stronger.

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