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Nylon application in various fields

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The a large use of reinforced PA66 is used as bearing skeleton materials, fiber reinforced PA66 has high mechanical strength and thermal deformation temperature, have better dimension stability and lower molding shrinkage rate, is the ideal material bearing cage. Using glass fiber reinforced PA66 has the following advantages: 1. Processing is convenient, easy to machining complex structure and the precision of injection molding products. 2. Maintains a small centrifugal force and friction and wear resistance, bearing temperature rise is low, the smoothness is good, can simplify the lubrication system of the host. 3. Maintains a good impact resistance and fracture resistance, cage slow good shock resistance, low noise bearings. Modified nylon

in the electrical industry is mainly used for electric wire electric cable sheath. Use a lot of is flame retardant PA6, PA66, flame retardant reinforced PA6 and other varieties. Most of the use of glass fiber reinforced PA6 as power tools, electric hammer, such as shell, some small click shell are also beginning to use glass fiber reinforced PA6. Sports equipment materials is mixed with a variety of materials, including plastic and its composite materials is expanding. Sports equipment with modified nylon reinforced PA6, toughening PA6, enhanced toughening PA6. Made of glass fiber reinforced PA6 and PA66 expansion screws, all plastic screw is widely used in furniture. Plastic screw corrosion resistant, long service life, easy loading and unloading, is very promising. Reinforced nylon in manufacturing household, used as a pulley and orbit, office chair with direction wheel, etc.

the engine is the power of auto parts, the material is very demanding, so far only a handful of non-functional parts and the structure is made of glass fiber reinforced PA. Made of glass fiber reinforced cylinder epicranium, compared with metal products, forming convenient, quality to reduce 50%, and the cost reduced by 30%. Engine cylinder epicranium request of plastic material is qualitative light, vibration, heat resistance, oil resistance and other excellent performance.

mechanical products used in the PA parts of main drive gear shaft sleeve, sealing washer and the matching of the power unit. Nylon varieties are used by the common PA6, PA66, PA1010, enhanced PA6, PA66, MC - PA6, antistatic reinforced PA6, etc. Antistatic reinforced PA6 used for textile edges, its service life several times that of wood. The promotion of the material, saves a lot of wood for us.

locomotive heart plate gasket is high carrying vehicle components, complex loading, abrasion, generally choose high strength, heat resistant to cold and have since embellish sex polymer materials, mainly selects the glass fiber toughening PA and oil of MC nylon. The locomotive abrasion plate is made of glass fiber mat reinforced PA6. Electrical industry demand for plastic performance, it is the insulation, the second is security. Electric key requirements of fire protection system, which requires the material flame retardant even non-combustible, in order to reduce the occurrence of fire, 3 it is to have a certain strength.

in addition to the engine parts, car of other mechanical components also can be used to enhance the nylon. Engineering plastics provides a high performance industrial machinery in miniaturization and high precision injection molding processing of materials, including the amount of nylon series material is very large. Machinery engineering plastics are mainly reflected in the advantages of the miniaturization of mechanical, low noise, corrosion resistant, long service life, the four aspects of material requirement is high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, with the advantage of this is nylon.

with the development and progress of science and technology, with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy molding of polymer materials, widely used in modern transportation. PA class engineering plastics in the application of railway signal, to ensure the smooth communication, signal and greatly reduces the operating trouble, improve the driving safety. On the railway on the list, especially the high-speed train must implement the vehicle lightweighting, in order to achieve this goal, mainly using polymer materials in large quantities. Considering from safety and functionality, on the basis of the flame retardant plastic materials used, also requires less smoke when burning material, low toxicity, high specific strength, high specific modulus.

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