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PA6 / PE alloy

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PA66 / PP is characterized by low hygroscopicity, pure stability of the products is PA66, toughness increased slightly. PA6 / PE alloy nylon alloy is very important. There is a big difference between the function of PA, PE overall, PE is nontoxic, cheap, small density, small water absorption, good chemical stability, low temperature toughness and forming good processability, and PE blend can improve PA absorbent, improve the toughness of the PA and dimensional stability of injection molding products processing.

it is dry, or low temperature, not grafted LDPE for PA6 toughening effect, and the grafted LDPE PA6 has obvious toughening effect. PA6 / HDPE alloy has a unique micro structure and properties, which is under certain conditions, can a cambium-like structure, make the alloy has certain barrier property, thus cause the attention of many scholars and industry. Polyolefin-g-mah/HDPE/PA6, HDPE based system form a continuous phase, however the PA6 scattered layered with HDPE, the morphological characteristics of dispersed phase PA6 is thin thin sheet, when enough concentration, can form a continuous piece of net when a layer in the matrix, the assignment of microstructure with HDPE/PA6 alloy excellent blocking performance.

-页 g - PA6 scattered on the two phase interface, increasing the adhesion strength of the two phase, in the process of flow, two phase limit and has led to an increased viscosity, moreover PP - g - Relative molecular mass of the PA6 PA6 and PP relative molecular mass is bigger, is also a cause of the viscosity increase. PA6 / PP alloy and pure PA6 than water imbibition, improved markedly, and the mechanical properties of the alloy has great changes. The tensile strength is lower than pure PA6 slightly, the impact strength is slightly improved.

compared with PP, PE of better aging resistance, in PA/PE alloy, PA6 / PE alloy is widely used, the main varieties have PA6 / PA6 / HDPE and LDPE. Say from alloy structure, through the different manufacturing processes, granular structure and layered structure can be obtained. These two kinds of structure of the alloy has a great difference in performance. Layered structure of PA6 / PE alloy, besides has the characteristics of general alloy also has the very good barrier property.

with LDPE PA6 blend can produce the effect of two aspects, one is to improve the water imbibition of PA6, the second is to improve the impact strength of PA6, and toughening PA6 with LDPE and compared with elastomer toughening PA6, toughening PA6 of bending strength and tensile strength decrease, both the PA6 rigid basic unchanged, and improved the toughness of PA6, has the very high practical value. Because do not have the thermodynamic compatibility between LDPE and PA6, therefore, must be the introduction of polar groups in LDPE molecule chain, namely the use of highly active monomer and LDPE graft reaction preparation compatilizer.

PP also has certain toughening effect for PA6, alloy reinforced with glass fiber can improve its strength. Preparation of PA66 / PP alloy similar to PA6 / PP, but the PA high melting point, under the high temperature, PP prone to thermal degradation, therefore in the process of production, we should pay attention to increasing the amount of antioxidants and reduce the residence time of material. Then reduce molten blending extrusion temperature to ensure the performance of the alloy is not affected by injection molding processing conditions.

the rule of viscosity change with shear rate and basic same, showed pseudoplastic behavior, but increase the viscosity of the blend ratio without compatilizer obviously increase the blending of the body, this is because to join the PP - g - DBM after reaction formed in the process of blending PP - g - PA6. PP- g - PA6 increase the compatibility of PP and PA6 two phase, the dispersed phase particle size decreases, and dispersion particles per unit volume increases, the system viscosity increased.

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