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Packing modification technology and performance test

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Carbon fiber is a kind of multi-purpose, high performance and high cost of new materials, widely used in aerospace, aviation already. But because of the carbon fiber processing and the production cost is too high, leading to the sale price is high, affecting the popularization and application of its range and speed, just below the space as well as the important components, and so on and so forth using carbon fiber. Glass fiber is one of the widely used engineering plastics of strengthening agent, used for injection molding processing and reinforced nylon, pom, phenolic resin, PVC, ABS, polypropylene, polycarbonate, such as engineering plastics, enhancement effect is obvious.

modification of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene used mainly for the production of various kinds of machinery parts, not for general products. The material demanding due to mechanical parts, need good temperature resistance, high impact strength, good can wear resistance, high hardness, friction coefficient of the product. Molybdenum disulfide is black powder, is a kind of solid lubricant is very widely used, can be used in liquid and solid, rubber elastomer and so on. For mechanical lubricating oil can reduce the gears, bearings and other mechanical parts wear and tear, reduce the transmission resistance, reduce the waste of ability and so on.

for ultrafine glass bead diameter is very small, macroscopic observation gray powder on the whole, it can only be observed under the electron microscope is spherical. Many of the beads is hollow glass beads, so the density is small. Abroad has a very wide range of glass beads, plastic, rubber, paint, building materials, ceramics, and insulation materials, etc. , in the application of plastic alone accounts for about 50%. Glass beads is a kind of low cost, good performance of ideal plastic packing, use of fly ash in the glass beads can not only improve the comprehensive performance of plastic polymers, such as, to reduce the cost, but also reduce environmental pollution, waste.

is used to reduce the same bearing grease and other mechanical parts wear and tear, reduce the transmission resistance, reduce energy consumption, etc. , used in plastics as a kind of additive, can reduce the friction coefficient of plastic, increased wear resistance, etc. Market there are two kinds of common glass beads, one kind is through melt glass made by a certain process after the real pure glass beads, another is sorting out the power plant fly ash composite glass beads.

pure glass beads is characterized by high cost, large particle size, density, after adding evenly not easily, and poor effect, added to the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material after the modification effect is poor, the impact strength decreased quickly, uneven filling, such as low tensile strength and poor wear resistance. And the separation of fly ash from the plant out of glass beads with a small particle size, ultrafine glass bead diameter is too small to 1 3, small density, high hardness, high strength, good abrasion resistance, etc.

ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene flame resistance is very poor, very flammable, by adding flame retardant flame retardant resistance can be improved, but has yet to completely resist flame retardant level, even if can reach and other performance is very poor. In addition, in order to improve, improve the injection molding processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene weatherability, besides increasing the molecular weight, also can be used to add carbon black, methods such as ultraviolet absorbent or anti-aging agent to improve the weatherability.

power plants generate electricity by burning coal pulverized coal particle size of less than 75, burning furnace temperatures up to 1400 - Under the high temperature 1500 ℃, the pulverized coal combustion, coal powder in other minerals powder, high temperature melting, under the action of surface tension formed globular, condensed contain a variety of material compound of fly ash, and then filtered to get superfine glass beads. When the ultrafine glass bead added to the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, dispersed evenly, make its good abrasion resistance, stress concentration is small, the impact strength decreased slowly, high tensile strength, hardness, etc.

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