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PBT/PET alloy

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Alloy heat-resisting, high strength, high rigidity, forming small deflection, dimensional stability, good gloss surface of injection molding processing products. PBT/PET alloy has been used as a stove, iron thermal devices, such as in the car is used as the adornment parts, electric car door mirror fixing parts, etc. PBT with polyamide blend, the use of polyamide blend the advantages of high mechanical performance, increase the compressive strength of PBT, PBT, and polyamide blend, can happen amide - The ester exchange reaction.

LDPE and LLDPE has certain toughening effect to the PBT, jun, especially LLDPE toughening effect is better, in the high toughness is not required, don't need a elastomer toughening LLDPE can use PE and PBT blend, can not only improve the PBT, toughness, and can keep the PBT, rigid, to some extent at the same time also has the advantage of low cost. LLDPE poor compatibility with PBT, through make PE faculties or the use of EVA copolymers and maleic anhydride graft copolymer as compatilizer, can increase the compatibility of both.

using epoxy polymer such as epoxy resin as a compatilizer of blend epoxy resin react with PBT, and PA66 formed in the process of copolymer, can effectively improve the compatibility of PBT, and PA66. Increased with increasing dosage of solvent epoxy resin, alloy mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact strength of rose, and as long as add less than 3% of epoxy resin, can produce very good compatibilizers.

and PBT blend elastomer, can improve the low temperature performance of PBT, often use the elastomer with ethylene-propylene rubber, acrylate rubber, SBS, SEBS and silicone rubber. Poor compatibility with PBT elastomer. In order to improve the compatibility with PBT elastomer, need to graft of elastomer, introducing can react with PBT, at the end of the base of polar group, higher grafting monomer reactivity with methyl glycidyl ester of acrylic acid, acrylic acid and its derivatives. Epoxidation of elastomer has good compatibility with PBT.

in the PBT/PA66 alloy, the influence of composition ratio on mechanical properties of the alloy is very big. Add a nuclear - The compatible agent system of shell structure, the impact strength of epoxy resin is much higher than using a single. Such as adding polybutadiene as the core, the copolymer of acrylic acid for shell as a compatilizer of impact strength is twice as tall as using epoxy resin system, and methyl methacrylate (mma) as the shell of the structure of the system of compatilizer and the compatibilizing effect is not obvious.

glass fiber reinforced PBT, as the good performance of heat resistance, mechanical properties and molding material widely used, but the injection molding processing products, surface gloss and deflection unsatisfactory appearance, need to further improve, PBT/PET alloy is just that these problems are solved. The two kinds of polymer structure similar, can partly compatible. When the speed is fast, slow speed of low Tg of PET and crystallization, high Tg PBT blend into alloy system, due to the slow crystallization rate, make the products surface amorphous layer thickness, which can be obtained good surface gloss, small deflection of glass fiber reinforced PBT/PET alloy.

elastomer toughening PBT, the manufacturing process is similar to other engineering plastics toughening. The main control factors are: the grafting reaction of elastomer, choose high reactivity monomer, grafting rate control and crosslinking degree, followed by careful blending extrusion temperature distribution, prevent heat degradation. A great influence on performance of alloy system. Dosage of elastomer within 20% can achieve very high impact strength, because of PBT, itself has good toughness, therefore elastomer dosage in 5 - 10% can achieve good toughening effect.

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