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PC/PBT alloy melt index

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
EVA to lower the melting point of PC/PBT alloy, when EVA content is 1%, alloy melting point appears very small value. Ethylene - Methylacrylic acid zinc salt ionomer is injection molding processing raw material of PC/PBT alloy compatibilizer, he can not only improve the compatibility of alloy, but also have the effect of toughening agent. In the high temperature mixing, ionomer can be blended with PC, PBT, fully, ionomer zinc ions on the molecular chain can with carboxyl in itself in the complexation, can also be used with PC, PBT resin base ligand, because of charge matching, this coordination complexation weaker than complexation of ionomer itself, thus can make ionomer and have better interaction between PBT, PC, improve the interfacial compatibility of the two, and can make the ionomer itself form a phase, which have the effect of toughening agent.

blending ratio on the mechanical properties of PC/PET alloy effect is remarkable. With the increase of content of PET, PC/PET alloy yield strength, tensile strength and breaking strength are decreased, elongation at break increased. The impact strength of alloy with the increase of the content of PET amplitude is reduced, the bending strength increase with the increase of content of PET. The tensile strength of the alloy is higher than PBT, PBT content was 25%, in line with linear and relationships, and PBT content is 50% and 75%, the tensile strength of the alloy was close to pure PC. Accordingly, elongation at break of the alloy in PBT content was 25%, a minimum value.

with the increase of compatibilizer content, glass transition temperature of the PC and PET facies near each other, when the PC/PET content reaches 60%, the alloy is only a glass transition temperature, surface alloy fully compatible, become a single homogeneous system. EVA can improve the compatibility of PC/PBT alloy, thus make the certain mechanical properties of the alloy. EVA the compatibilizing effect is related to its content, PC/PBT alloy, EVA is added to the PC of glass transition temperature is reduced, PBT, glass transition temperature, namely the so-called move inside the glass transition temperature, when EVA content is 1%, PBT, the glass transition temperature of the disappeared, the compatibility of alloy is very good.

to PC/PET alloy sample drops in chloroform, keep 1 min, then measuring the degree of tensile yield, and calculates the samples after chloroform percentage of yield strength loss. Solvent resistance of PC/PET alloy increase with the increase of content of PET, when PET content less than 25%, because of the high concentration of PC, PC continuous phase structure, PET form the dispersed phase, the solvent resistance of PC/PET alloy linear increase with the increase of the content of PET, after when the PET content reaches 20%, alloy phase structure change, or PET by dispersed phase continuous phase shift, solvent resistance of the alloy with the increase of the content of PET increased significantly, when the high concentration of PET, the solvent resistance of alloy close to pure PET.

blending ratio on the PC/PBT and PC/PET alloy heat resistance and density have great influence. Along with the increase of the content of PET alloy heat resistance fell, the density increases, the density of PC/PBT alloy and heat resistance and mix than the relationship between basic conform to the rules of the adduct. For both alloy, heat resistance, solvent resistance and mechanical properties in the PC/unsaturated polyester alloy, PBT, the proportion of components with 30% advisable.

along with the increase of the content of injection molding processing material PET hatchback nearer the composition, content of PC in PET is more and more high, the content of PC in PET phase is becoming more and more high, that is, the better the compatibility of two phase, when the PC/PET is 25/75, the alloy in the third glass transition temperature, two phase interface layer, interface layer composition close to 50/50. The addition of PBT, greatly improves the processing fluidity of PC, when PBT content higher than 25%, the increase is larger.

PC/PBT alloy, PC/PET alloy parts compatible, adding compatilizer can further improve the compatibility of alloy, thus improve the performance of the alloy, especially improve the notched impact strength of the alloy. And type of compatibilizer content has great influence on the performance of the alloy. PC and PBT grafting or block copolymer is an effective compatilizer of PC/PBT alloy. Join the copolymer in PC/PBT alloy, alloy glass transition temperature of the two phase close to each other, the compatibility of alloy.

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