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PC/PO alloy preparation and control factors

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The performance of the PC/PO alloy by the performance of each composition of raw materials, mixing ratio, the factors of the variety and content of compatibilizer. With PC blending HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, different types and different type of PE due to the difference in its performance on structure and properties of alloys have different impact. Compared with LDPE, HDPE, high viscosity, the viscosity of the difference between the PC and the value is small, so with PC blending effect is good. PC with LDPE blend effect is poorer, high content of LDPE, injection molding products processing statified phenomenon is serious, so the HDPE is more suitable for blending with PC, formation of PC/HDPE alloys.

-页 g - MAH is the same as that of the pure PP, can also lower the viscosity of the PC, improve the processing performance of the PC. Along with the PP - g - The increase of the content of MAH PP crystalline size increases, the melting temperature of the alloy increase, lower crystallization temperature. Added in the PC grafted rate was 2. PP - 5% g - MAH, the compatibility of alloy improved obviously, compared with PC/PP alloy mechanical properties is greatly increased. PC/PP- g - MAH content was 20%, the viscosity of the PC fell by 57%.

the preparation of PC/PO alloy with the method of screw extrusion, raw materials for dry processing first, then after mixing of components, into a screw extruder under certain temperature and rotational speed, the molten material, mixing, extrusion, after cooling water cooling pelletizing, PC/PE alloy slice. Blending technology mainly includes the blending temperature and screw speed. PC/PO alloy blending temperature is 240 - 270℃。

PC/PE alloy of the reactive compatibilizer are mainly ethylene with polar compounds containing carboxyl or epoxy group binary or ternary copolymer, which is formed by the use of compatilizer end compatible with PE, on the other side with PC to produce interaction or reaction characteristics, improve the compatibility of PC/PE alloy, these mainly include the EVA copolymer, MBS, ethylene - Methyl acrylate copolymer ionomer or its sodium salt. PC/PE alloy with compatilizer can also choose one end and PE structure similar to that of the other end of the block copolymer structure similar to the PC.

PC/PO alloy before blending raw material drying processing, to remove moisture from the raw material. PC drying equipment USES vacuum oven is better, so as to avoid the PC for a long time under high temperature oxidation discoloration. PC with a small amount of PE blend, with the aid of mechanical shear force, make the dispersion in the PC, PE form useful PC/PE alloy material. PC with high levels of PO blend, should add compatilizer, or modification of the PO.

reactive compatibilizing is first to graft modification of PO, PO in the introduction of polar groups can react with the PC, and PC material blending and injection molding processing, in the process of blending, realize in-situ compatibilizing, improve the interface bonding. Polar monomer for carbonyl or epoxy compounds, such as maleic anhydride, methyl glycidyl ester of acrylic acid, etc. PC/LLDPE- g - Of mechanical properties in MAH alloy is higher than for the expansion properties of PC/LLDPE alloy. PC/LLDPE - g - The compatibility of MAH system improved compared with PC/LLDPE.

blending temperature should be based on the blending ratio of different PC/PO alloys and appropriate adjustment, PC content high, the appropriate blending temperature higher, low content of PC, blending temperature appropriate lower. The screw rotation speed depending on the screw diameter and length to diameter ratio of different and different, the machine within the rated speed, based on the blending ratio of different PC/PO alloys and appropriate adjustment, PC content high, the high viscosity of the melt blending system, and the screw rotation speed can be slightly higher, the PC content is low, low melt viscosity blending system, the screw rotation speed appropriate lower.

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