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PC/SMAH alloy with PC/fluorine resin

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Will be 5% - 15% of the partial fluorine ethylene - Hexafluoropropylene copolymer blend with PC, can increase the toughness of PC, and significantly improve the notch sensitivity, the notched impact strength is not affected by the thickness of the style. If fluorine resin/PC alloy reinforced with glass fiber, to further improve the technical specifications. PC/fluorine resin alloy is suitable for producing all kinds of gear, CAM, bearing, sleeve, etc. Both PC and PMMA transparent plastic, both to the layered structure, PC/PMMA alloy for multilayer structure, due to the different refractive index, when reflection, incoming light produces interference of light, because of the alloy is not transparent, but has a pearl color, with this kind of alloy production pearl plastic processing products not as toxic as join pearl pigment products, boiling water resistance and aging resistance, and the stress cracking resistance than the PC.

add SAN in PC/PMMA alloy, can improve the compatibility of alloy, SAN compatibilizers for PC/PMMA is associated with the content of AN and the content of compatibilizer, the AN content was 10%, in the SAN compatibilizing effect is better. Can change the content to improve the compatibility of alloy SAN, until completely homogeneous system of PC/PMMA alloy. PC/PMMA alloy has been commercialized products.

PC/SMAH blend ratio of 80/20, SBS/SMAH ratio was 15/85, the alloy's mechanical properties similar to pure PC, greatly reduce the processing temperature, melt fluidity is superior to pure PC. PC and fluorine resin blend, main is to improve the wear resistance of PC. Fluorine resin in PC play a role in lubrication, reduce the friction coefficient of the PC. Such as the small amount of micro PTFE blend with PC, five times can increase the wear resistance of PC, PC/PTFE alloy in addition to the excellent abrasion resistance, also keep the PC excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability and impact toughness.

PC compatibility with POM, can blend in any proportion alloy formed between them. PC/POM alloy with excellent mechanical properties, solvent resistance and significant stress cracking resistance, high heat resistance of PC/POM alloys, thermal deformation temperature is as high as 145 ℃. PC/POM impact resistance of the alloy is lower than PC, and with the increase of the content of POM, the impact strength decreased. TPU can reduce the melt viscosity of PC, improve PC processing liquidity. PC/TPU alloy has excellent low-temperature impact strength, good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. PC/TPU alloy has been commercialized products.

PC/SMAH alloy adding inorganic filler, such as calcium carbonate, heat resistant alloy can be improved, the heat distortion temperature up to 132 ℃. Because of its high brittleness of SMAH, direct injection tooling and material PC blend can reduce the impact strength of PC a lot, by joining impact modifier, such as SBS, ABS, PC/SMAH impact toughness of the alloy can be improved. Adding SBS PC/SMAH alloy can significantly improve the impact strength of alloy, using SBS with first SMAH blends with PC again after blending with the quadratic blending process, the effect is better than a blending process, because after secondary blending, SBS distributed more evenly in the SMAH resin particle size smaller, some still can form a mixed network structure.

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