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PC/unsaturated polyester alloy control factors

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PC and the generation of PBT, ester exchange reaction of copolyesters of PC - PBT alloy or PC/PET alloy have the effect of compatilizer. Catalysts are the main factors influencing the ester exchange reaction, through catalytic ester exchange reaction, the preparation of PC/unsaturated polyester alloy compatibilizer. Traditional catalysts for synthesis of PET have titanium compounds, calcium/antimony compounds is a new catalyst. Titanium base catalyst for PC/PET ester exchange reaction of catalytic activity. Of calcium/antimony catalyst ester exchange reaction mechanism is complex, both the choice of the catalyst activity is poor, he, in addition to their PC/PET ester exchange reaction catalytic activity, also to respond to the degradation of PET has catalytic effect, so that the injection molding products processing.

for a single screw extruder, the screw rotation speed and duration, the screw rotation speed, the material within the cylinder of the residence time is short, the blending time is short, on the other hand, the screw rotation speed is small, the material stay in the cylinder for a long time, the blending time is long. PC/unsaturated polyester blending time on 2 - alloy Suitable between 3 min. Hello shoes shoulds not be too big, otherwise material mixed uneven, affect the blending effect.

because the residual catalyst in PBT, the ester exchange reaction catalyst, therefore between the PC and PBT, mainly is the direct ester exchange reaction. Early, the ester exchange reaction of PC and PBT and PET block copolymer, with the ester exchange reaction, the generated average block length of block copolymer becoming increasingly short, finally can generate random copolymer. Compared with PC/PET alloy, PC/PBT alloy blend of ester exchange reaction occurs.

PC/performance and composition of the saturated polyester alloy properties, blending ratio, blending time, the variety and dosage of compatibilizer, and blending process and other factors. Between the PC and PBT, ester exchange reaction. PC and PBT melt blending, as a result of PBT, the residual catalyst, the direct ester exchange reaction taking place between PC and PBT. Hydroxyl-terminated due to PC, PBT, molecular, PBT and PET molecule and hydroxyl-terminated, so they will happen between alcohol and acid solutions such as side effects.

the ester exchange reaction of copolyesters strongly influence the crystallization behavior of PBT and PET, and with the increase of the content of copolyester glass transition temperature of PBT, PC facies near each other, improve the compatibility. The extent of the ester exchange reaction and residual catalyst type and content in the raw materials, mixing ratio, reaction temperature and reaction time. To choose the appropriate types of catalyst, improve the content of catalyst, extend the blending time, can make the ester exchange reaction more fully, finally to generate a single polymer.

terbium base compound catalyst for PC/PET ester exchange reaction extrusion without catalyst. Lanthanide catalyst compared with the traditional catalyst, there are two main features: 1. Choice of PC/PET ester exchange reaction activity, high catalytic activity, injection molding processing products will not change color by degradation. 2. It is easier to control PC/PET generated in the process of ester exchange reaction of PC - PET block length of block copolymer.

blending process including blending temperature, screw speed and feed feed rate, etc. PC/saturated polyester alloy blending temperature is 250 - 270℃。 Blending temperature should according to different blending ratio and appropriate adjustment, when PC content high, the blending temperature higher, appropriate when PC content is low, blending temperature can be appropriately lower. The screw rotation speed depending on the diameter of the screw, the length to diameter ratio and the rated speed, no fixed value, but can according to the blending time is the retention period of material within the cylinder.

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