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PEEK materials properties and injection molding processing conditions

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
A, peek material has the following features:
1, excellent mechanical properties of peek polyether ether ketone is all resin toughness and rigidity combined with the most perfect material, its strength and fatigue resistance and even better than some metals and alloys.
2, peek polyether ether ketone chemical resistance, in addition to the high concentration of sulfuric acid and other strong oxidizing acid erosion, has a similar chemical character of PTFE resin, and in all kinds of chemical reagents can fully retain their mechanical properties, is a very excellent corrosion resistant material.
3, peek rods polyether ether ketone great electronic and insulating properties at high temperature and high pressure, high speed and high humidity environment still has good insulation and stable performance.
4, peek rods polyether ether ketone good irradiation resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to various radiation ability, can withstand a high dose of & gamma; Such as X-ray radiation and keep its various characteristics, can be applied to all kinds of bad environment.
5, peek rods polyether ether ketone of high purity, low volatile and non-toxic, peek rods polyether ether ketone resin itself has no toxicity, its molecular structure is very stable, not easy to produce volatile matter, and radiation effect, after processing for the purification of high purity of resin is excellent biological medical material.

2, peek material injection mold material selection
because of the special engineering plastics peek usually contains modified auxiliary material such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, and the mold need to be heated to above 150 ℃. So the mold material should be based on temperature 150 ℃;
should choose high steel or SK, SKD, SKH as mold material; Mold cavity to the overall heat treatment, quenching hardness should be above HRC55, to ensure the wear-resisting performance of cavity;
the mold surface finish, the better the better improve the service life of the mold, but also to the surface of peek injection molding products processing. The mold surface finish should be controlled under 10 s.
consider cost, the cavity templates allow appropriate material selection criteria is reduced, such as optional Cr12 or CrWMn.

when designing moulds, try to avoid to produce melting seam inevitably can set the overflow area in the weld mark position; Material flow direction and perpendicular to the direction of material flow molding shrinkage of the size and strength are different, need according to the requirements of the specific product structure and the use of design gate type, location and size. Three,

peek peek injection molding machine injection molding machine, in order to solve the engineering plastic physical properties with double alloy grade A special screw, three/four period of temperature control, firing rate/back pressure no period of adjustment, the screw rotation speed fuel line, double the proportion of Japan's leading manufacturer of computer control to enhance injection molding precision. According to user requirements to add other functions to improve work efficiency.

4, peek materials prices
peek on market price level. Some PEEK glass fiber enhanced material are different length, which we usually said & other Gray & quot; , although most of these materials can be used, but the quality is not stable, and the supply is not stable. Have a peek injection molding material is fake, PPS material to pretend to be, cheap price, of course, will be cheaper. Shenzhen peek channels is more, and shenzhen peek mould and products manufacturers, there are also many. Five, peek modified

peek performance of the pure material is difficult to meet the different needs of different industries, so peek in special working environment need to be modified, its main means blending modification, copolymerization modification, reinforced composite, infill modification, nanometer modification and surface modification technology. Modification can increase the peek through some aspect of the performance, such as abrasion resistance, impact strength, etc. , so as to expand the application range of peek, reduce the use of the material cost, improved the peek injection molding processing performance.

PEEK modified
commonly used wave fiber modification: 10% wave fiber modification, 20% wave fiber modification, wave fiber modified
30% carbon fiber modification: 10% carbon fiber modification, 20% carbon fiber modification, 30% carbon fiber modification.

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