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Phenolic resin

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Phenolic composite material has been used military-industrial complex, and injection molding processing and ablation resistance materials in aerospace industry, in addition, phenolic foam plastic for fire resistant, less smoke, low toxicity was used in building thermal insulation materials. Amino resin is a kind of thermosetting resin development history is long, it is made with compound amino functional groups made by condensation polymerization with formaldehyde. Mainly includes the melamine in amino resin - Two varieties formaldehyde resin and urea formaldehyde resin.

from the environmental protection and economic point of view, thermosetting plastics and a main drawback is that it is difficult to waste recycling, the general is the pieces later as a filler in the resin filling reinforcing effect. Phenolic resin, PE for short, is the earliest in industrialized production of varieties of resins. Due to the reactants, low prices, excellent performance, so far still occupies an important position in the plastic products production.

short fiber reinforced plastics can be made by mold or injection molding products. With continuous fiber reinforced phenolic resin strength is higher, suitable for hand lay-up, pultrusion, winding, RTM and SMC, MBC, such as processing molding method, its usage is second only to unsaturated resin and epoxy resin as matrix of composite materials. Using carbon fiber as reinforcing agent can reduce the material surface resistivity and volume resistivity, conductivity, and can significantly improve the friction wear performance. Also has the breakthrough in the field of high temperature resistance. High temperature varieties can be resistant to the high temperature of 400 ℃.

phenolic resin is mostly composed of phenol and formaldehyde condensation, but pure resin itself is very fragile, so must join all kinds of packing to obtain the required performance. Phenolic resin after crushing, according to certain proportion to join organic and inorganic filler and become phenolic molding compound made of plastic. The characteristics of phenolic molding compound had a lot to do with the varieties and content of filler. Is characterized by high mechanical strength, good dimensional stability, not easy to deformation.

usually heat temperature to 180 ℃, has the good flame retardancy, and the amount of smoke is also low, resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation, such as electric arc resistance, dielectric intensity is more outstanding, phenolic molding compound good abrasion resistance, especially under the condition of the water lubrication, has a very low coefficient of friction. Phenolic molding compound is constantly develop new varieties, the development direction of optimization and strengthen the comprehensive performance of material, expand the application field, some varieties of phenolic development and extension to the project.

thermosetting plastic usually low dielectric properties, which is by its polarity, existing reactive groups, and there is residual without reaction caused by the initial product and by-products. In addition, thermosetting plastic to the atmosphere caused by the rain erosion endurance ability is not satisfactory. Due to the crosslinking structure of the thermosetting plastic, also tend to show the injection molding processing material impact resistance value is low, but by adding rubber elastomer or thermoplastics can be improved.

against disadvantages of phenolic plastic shock resistance is poor, used the nylon, elastomer modified method, has the characteristics of high impact, high impact strength can reach 214 j/m. By using glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced phenolic resin with high strength, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, etc. Fiber reinforced plastic resin is liquid phenolic immersion, and mostly by modification of resin varieties.

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