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Phthalate esters plasticizer and toughening agent

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
As the phthalate esters are widely used, it has become a multitude of chemical species using modern glass tube technology and mature in vivo endocrine regulation response experiments of a class of important species. Phthalate esters in the environment of distribution is very wide, but in the environment in implementing some quantity is not much, because they are light degradation and biological degradation in the environment quickly. In addition, the decreases of them in the environment may also be related to the sewage treatment improved.

toughening agent is used to improve the performance of impact on the injection molding products processing, namely a kind of additive to improve plastic toughness. Polymer toughening of the main methods are blending elastomer toughening, adding rigid particle toughening, shape control toughening, toughening and low crosslinking foamed toughening and so on, one of the effective toughening methods for blending elastomer toughening.

almost all flexible material can be as flexibilizer of brittle material, the key is the compatilizer between the heterogeneous components, only has the good compatibility toughening system can achieve good toughness, plastic flexibilizer often used with compatibilizer. Particle size is less than 100 nm nano filler to make a new type filler, his modification effect of the plastic as follows: with the increase of addition amount, the tensile strength and impact strength of blending system shows parabola changes, namely increases with the increase of addition amount, increase after reaching peak, and began to decline. But the nano fillers are dispersed in the resin was difficult, the impact on the polymer performance improvement is not big and cost is high. Add the dispersion method is the preparation of blend is a simple, cheap and effective method.

super fiber such as carbon fiber, boron fiber, quartz fiber, organic fiber and all kinds of crystal whisker, and so on. There is also a kind of newly developed carbon nanotubes, he is several nanometers to dozens of nanometer diameter, length of tens of nanometers to hundreds of nanometer hollow tubes. Super fiber dispersed in the polymer must adopt the method of relative specific and targeted.

alkaline earth metal salt is a kind of new inorganic toughening material, in a very wide range of filling amount, the impact strength of filling material have different degrees of improvement. When the filling amount of alkaline earth metal salt is around 60%, the peak impact strength. In alkaline earth metal salt filling system, by adding low molecular polyether type surfactant, toughening amplitude will increase.

toughening mechanism of rare earth minerals is thought and its nucleation process, namely the rare earths as a nucleating agent and toughening system to improve the toughness of crystalline structure and to achieve. As with superfine packing, impact modified effect of rare earth minerals has parabola changes. Unlike superfine packing is the best filling amount is larger, and more than the best filling amount, the impact strength decline is more gentle. As with inorganic rigid toughening materials, organic rigid material also has certain toughening effect, but also at the same time have the double function of toughening and strengthening, toughening and strengthening effect of a parabolic variation.

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