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Plastic additives brightening method

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plastic additives added some light is said to join in the resin can significantly improve the surface glossiness of the injection molding products processing material, this is a very effective way to lighten up, can lighten the assistant principal luster agent, lubricant and nucleating agent and so on.

special stains, some special stains, can improve gloss of the product. The smaller particle size of mica titanium pearl pigment can produce silk soft luster, and larger mica titanium pearl pigment particle size can be produced with a gleaming metallic luster. Silver powder can strong reflection, including blue light, the entire visible spectrum, make the plastic parts surface presents high gloss.

gloss agent for some special additives, common for a glossy masterbatch. Lubricant can improve gloss of the product, but outside lubricant effect is obvious. Commonly used outside the lubricant with liquid paraffin wax, polyethylene wax, stearic acid, silicone oil and so on. Nucleating agent can improve the quality of the crystallization of crystal products, make the grain ultra-micronization model. the and uniform distribution, inhibit the occurrence of light scattering, so as to improve the gloss of products. For opaque products can choose all the nucleating agent, for the transparent products, can only choose not to affect the transparency of the nucleating agent.

plastic shape control brightening method
plastic shape control is mainly said by controlling the degree of crystallinity and crystal quality of injection molding products processing, so as to improve the luster of a kind of method, the specific form control method has a two-way stretch technology and control processing temperature.
the bidirectional tensile technique is based on a two-way stretch plastic film, sheet products, can make the crystalline particles thinner so as to improve the luster of the products. Control processing temperature including cylinder temperature and cooling temperature control. Appropriate lower the temperature in the cylinder, which is beneficial to improve the quality of crystal crystal products and improve the crystallinity of products. Its principle is to lower the temperature in the cylinder, can increase the nucleation residual phase content in the melt, thus improve the crystallinity and crystal grain and achieve the goal of improve gloss. Properly reduce the cooling temperature of mould, can reduce the size of crystal grain, make the grain fine, thus improve product surface gloss.

the roughness of the injection molding, extrusion molding shape set of high and low, will greatly affect the gloss of forming products. The roughness of the general shape of the mould of plastic products than the roughness of the mold.

polishing wheel polishing technology, generally before polishing, first of all to remove scratches on polishing pieces. For tiny scratches, use cleaner or manual can be erased, flannel cloth for the larger scratches, insist on using grinding method only can be removed. Commonly used polishing wheel cloth wheel, it is especially suitable for edge surface polishing.

the flame polishing is oxyhydrogen flame through quickly to polishing on the surface of the plastic a polishing method. Leaching brightening technology is to lighten the plastic in special solvents, slightly soluble brighten up a method. This is with cellulose plastics and developed a kind of brightening method, can improve the surface gloss, and can remove tiny scratches. For different brighten up material, leaching liquid, leaching liquid generally to brighten up the solvent of the material, and often for composite solvent.

before the leaching process, to eliminate the internal stress of products, products containing internal stress is larger for leaching, produces the orange peel phenomenon of grain. The method of stress relief for annealing treatment, under the products in a glass transition temperature above the melting point of warm water for a period of time.

plating bright modification. General methods of electroplating and vacuum plating the metal plating on plastic surface. Coating on modification, generally using electrostatic spraying method, in a high gloss coating plastic products surface coating. Body composition is: the matrix resin + crosslinking agent, the matrix resin for thermoplastic and thermosetting resin, but required after the film, high gloss surface. Injection molding product surface brightening modification is in the plastic products surface or a high gloss coating compound plating layer, and a way to improve the surface gloss. Layer method can be divided into coating and plating.

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