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Plastic additives, crosslinking change heat resistance

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Of (among) all the packing, in addition to the organic filler, most of the inorganic mineral filler can obviously improve the heat-resistant temperature of injection molding processing products. Added methods is to change the plastic heat resistance is an important and effective method. Add methods to change the plastic heat resistance by the discretion of the cost can be divided into two parts, filling and enhanced. Plastic enhance change heat resistance effect is better than filling. This is because most of the fiber heat temperature is very high, melting point are more than 1500 ℃.

plastic blending change heat resistance is in low heat resistant resin with high heat-resistant resin, thus improve its heat resistance. This method heat resistance increase, though less add change heat resistance, but its advantage is in change the heat resistance at the same time the basic do not affect its original and other performance.

plastic crosslinking change heat resistance principle is: fixed bonds formed between macromolecular chain, thus increasing the difficulty of the big group movement. When temperature increases, macromolecular chain also only at high temperatures can be movement, and in the original corresponding non crosslinked heat deformation temperature, deformation does not occur, so as to improve its thermal deformation temperature.

plastic shape control change heat resistance, the morphology control is mainly said crystallization, orientation and post-processing, the orientation of the heat resistant modification is an effective method. Two-way stretch to change the principle of heat resistance is can make the crystalline grain and crystallization are arranged closer, higher crystallinity, orientation degree increase, so as to improve its heat resistance. Plastic film or sheet products after processing the two-way stretch technology, can make its thermal deformation temperature increase at least above 10 ℃. Annealing treatment to change the principle of heat resistance is to reduce the internal stress of products, improve the irregular crystal structure and encourage crystallization.
change heat resistant plastic layer is in the processing of plastic injection products adhered to the surface of a layer of heat-resistant material. A modified method to improve its heat resistance. According to the difference of the layer material and can be divided into two categories, heat-resistant coating and heat resistant coatings. For plastic coating change heat resistance coating material for heat resistant coatings, its specific composition can be divided into two parts, paint and heat resistant additives.

plastic modification is said to improve low temperature resistant resin of low temperature brittleness, the lower the temperature embrittlement. Plastic blending change resistance to low temperature is the difference in said in a low temperature resistance resin with excellent low temperature resistance of resin, thus reducing its temperature embrittlement. Plastic additives to change low temperature resistance refers to the low temperature resistance of resin to add a few small molecular modifier, thus reducing its temperature embrittlement.

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