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Plastic additives fiber reinforced formula

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In plastic fiber reinforced system, strengthen the combination of fiber and resin strength directly affect the enhancement effect. Through surface treatment can improve the bonding strength of fiber and resin. Coupling process, and influence on the enhancement of fiber pretreated with coupling agent, the enhancement effect of reinforcing fiber can be improved. Acid pickling process, it is mainly used for metal fibre, the purpose is to get rid of fibers on the surface of the oxide layer, increased the strength of its composite with resin. Generally choose weak acid used in acid. Surface impregnation is on the fiber surface, thermoplastic resin, in order to improve the composite strength. Increase the size of the fiber length to diameter ratio had a great influence on enhancement effect. Usually, the bigger the length to diameter ratio, the enhancement effect is better. Different varieties between reinforcing fiber composite use, have higher effect than single add.

boron fiber is very early in the lightweight high strength material, its composition of boron deposits in black silk. Boron fiber tensile strength is 5 times of the glass fiber, the relative density is small, often used in lightweight high strength reinforced plastics. But because of the large diameter, elongation is small, and the price is high, so for the injection molding processing application is not very popular. Organic fiber of aromatic polyamide fiber and super PE fiber mechanical properties than glass fiber. Polyamide fiber reinforced material is also a kind of lightweight, high strength, the tensile strength is more high than carbon fiber, can be used with glass fiber and carbon fiber. The disadvantage is that price is high.

in the process of injection molding processing and mixing, inevitably cause the damage of reinforcing fiber, therefore, length-diameter ratio retention is a key problem. Broken fiber, also known as broken crystal, mainly happens during mixing and dispersing and resin particle impact and collision, especially in the activation treatment and oral feeding material easy to occur.

most conventional fillers added to the resin directly, will cause the plastic tensile strength decreased. But some after surface treatment or directly add special packing not only does not cause the decline of the tensile strength, to some extent, it will improve the tensile strength, we say that this kind of packing for reinforcing filler. Reinforcing filler reinforced effect is much less than the reinforcing fiber, some only can be used for the strength requirement is not high.

some packing without surface treatment and directly add to the resin can lead to the decrease in the strength of plastic tensile, but if these packing and add after proper surface treatment, it will make the tensile strength increased. Surface treatment methods with surface active agent or coupling agent treatment commonly.

the rare earth and alkaline earth metal salt as a new type reinforcing filler, when adding quantity is not big, he can make a good impact strength tensile strength increased. Superfine packing and nano filler, this kind of packing for plastic reinforcement effect, generally a parabolic variation, which began with the increase of adding amount and the tensile strength increased, when the maximum amount increase again, the tensile strength will begin to decline.

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