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Plastic antiseptic resistance

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Individual injection molding processing materials such as polymers, polysulfone is not resistant to ultraviolet light, some materials may caused by ultraviolet light discoloration or physical properties change and other issues. But in general the sterilization conditions, because the time is short, to the influence of the material can not be considered. Radiation sterilization mechanism is required for microbial reproduction of nucleic acid, protein, etc. , under the ionization effect of radiation damage and destruction.

general microbial nutrition cells under 100 ℃, 1 - dry 2 h is killed. Material of the hot air disinfection tolerance ability depends on the material softening point, high heat resistance high temperature disinfection need materials. High pressure steam produced by the pressure cooker to implement into steam disinfection disinfection method. At present, popular in the field of food packaging cooking food bag is to use this method for disinfection, its use is generally made of polypropylene, polyester, nylon and aluminum foil backing multilayer compound packing materials.

uv sterilization mechanism is genetic factor and protein in the cells caused by absorbing uv damage, sterilization effect associated with ultraviolet wavelengths, illumination and irradiation time. In addition, it is related to such factors as the material of surface cleanliness, humidity. Uv wavelength is 250 - Sterilization strength strongest when 260 nm, using high-performance ultraviolet sterilization device, such as the maximum intensity of illumination of 150 mw/cm&sup 2; , usually within 10 s most can kill bacteria and microorganisms.

softening temperature is lower than the sterilization temperature of plastic materials and high temperature hydrolysis sensitive material should not be disinfected with this law. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer, microbial cells protein, amino acid oxidation by oxidant, to loss of enzyme activity, or develop other aspects of the role. Results the growth of microorganisms is restrained or microbial bytes were killed. Material available to heat sterilization of hydrogen peroxide sterilization, commonly used is a concentration of 20% hydrogen peroxide, at room temperature, the use of such concentration disinfection, for the majority of plastic material is no problem.

by all kinds of gas to kill microorganisms capable of sterilization disinfection method called gas. Gas with hydrogen peroxide sterilization disinfection belong to chemical disinfection. Gas sterilization effect and the gas concentration, effect of temperature, the effect of time have a close relationship. Common sterilization gas is epoxy ethane, when using diluted with carbon or other inert gas. Based on the mechanism of ethylene oxide sterilization is because it can react with carboxyl and hydroxyl groups of proteins and amino, so also should consider it with some polymers.

the commonly used disinfection method with hot air disinfection, steam sterilization, radiation and air disinfection. Plastic injection tooling disinfection resistant ability, therefore, the suitable methods of disinfection and sterilization conditions directly with the material of heat resistance, radiation resistance and chemical resistance. Hot air disinfection, also known as dry heat sterilization, is to use a method of dry hot air disinfection. Effective disinfection conditions, namely, the disinfection of the temperature and the time required according to the object is different.

with general conditions of disinfection processing, almost no damage for the materials, such AS polyethylene, performance is not affected by multiple disinfection, lighter brittle, and prone to stress cracking of polymers, such AS PS, AS, PC, etc. , in the case of excessive or repeat disinfection by brittle, and has the might of stress cracking, should pay attention. Because of ethylene oxide sterilization, the rest of the poisonous gas, can cause human body cell cancer, this approach is adopted to improve the disinfection is rapidly reduced.

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