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Plastic blending elastomer and add a rigid material

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Elastomer toughening mechanism of an earlier study, basically achieved mature theory. Crazing is brittle shear zone theory after joining elastomer matrix, under the effect of external impact, the elastomer can cause a large number of silver lines, while the collective produce shear yield, mainly by silver grain, shear zone absorb the impact energy. Specific process is: the silver lines and further development will be terminated in another elastomer or shear zone, silver lines and silver, silver lines and there are interactions between shear zone.

booking class belongs to the nuclear structure polymer elastomer, its nucleus is soft outfit elastomer, bring impact resistance to injection molding products processing, shell for high glass transition temperature of polymer, the main function isolation between elastomer particles, forming a component of the free flow of particles, promote evenly dispersed.

rigid toughening effect of elastomer toughening materials is much less than the elastomer toughening materials, but its advantage can be toughening and strengthening simultaneously. Traditional toughening materials has always given priority to with organic elastomer material, in recent years, it was found that certain rigid materials under appropriate conditions also have different degrees of toughening effect; Although its toughening is elastomer toughening range is big, but it has the elastomer toughening incomparable advantages, namely, rigid toughening materials can be simultaneously toughening and strengthening, as well as improve the impact strength and improve the tensile strength and other properties.

in plastic additive toughening system, toughening efficiency of nanomaterials, namely the addition amount is not big, but the growth rate is very large. General addition amount in the following October, impact strength increase of up to five times more, and the toughening and strengthening. Specific surface area of nanomaterials is very big, between particles due to gravity is extremely easy to condense. Must be added to make the good dispersion, dispersion agents. The stand or fall of dispersion effect, directly influence the modification effect.

surface optimization of packing, this kind of packing with efficient surface treatment is to point to a kind of packing. Surface treatment agent mainly surfactants, efficient coupling agent and compatibilizer, and so on. For the same filling system, the packing is not processing or use the general surface treatment processing, its impact strength is reduced, and with the effective surface treatment processing, the impact strength increase, only higher amplitude than elastomer. This kind of toughening mechanism for optimization of packing: surface treatment agent between matrix and fillers in the formation of an elastic transitional layer, which can effectively transfer and relaxation of the stress on the interface, better impact energy absorption and dispersion of the outside world.

composite coupling agent is that two or more small molecule coupling agent used cooperatively. With composite coupling agent treatment of filling system, can make the single coupling agent caused the decrease of impact strength instead of filling system and improved. Alkaline earth metal salt is a kind of new inorganic toughening material, in a very wide range of filling amount, to improve the impact strength has a different degree. When the filling amount of alkaline earth metal salt is around 60%, the peak impact strength. Alkaline earth metal salt of toughening mechanism is still not very clear. In alkaline earth metal salt filling system, by adding low molecular polyether type surfactant, toughening amplitude will increase.

toughening mechanism of rare earth minerals is thought and its nucleation process, namely the rare earths as a nucleating agent and toughening system to improve the toughness of crystalline structure and to achieve. As with ultra fine fillers, impact modified effect of rare earth minerals also shows parabola change, namely there is a maximum value and the best filling volume. Unlike superfine packing is the best filling quantity is larger, and more than the best filling amount, high impact strength decline is flat. A further advantage of rare earth minerals toughening, i. e. , when low filling, mostly to keep products original transparency.

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